Global Mobile Broadband/Mobile Internet 3G/4G Tariff Tracker and Analysis

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New service adoption is being led by Mobile Broadband which has become the most dramatic example of rapid penetration. Mobile Broadband pricing has declined by more than half in real terms during the 3 year period with more broadband capacity being available for the same price. The recent availability of easy portable mobile data connections (such as the USB modem) means that mobile data services have started to become a mass market consumer item.
Price competition among mobile broadband providers has become intense as the cost of devices has reduced and increased network capacity has become available with LTE speeds. Flat rate price competition will continue to be severe until mobile providers learn how to differentiate their product offer to meet the need of individual user groups.
Key benefits of the service
* Coverage for each price plan

i)  Rental &usage prices (inside&outside the bundle) for 140 operators in 66 countries' Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband offerings expressed in local currencies, Euros and US Dollars allowing for easy comparison

ii) Tariff type: contract or add-on or pay-as-you go price.

iii) Download speed relevant to the product

iv) Access mode: laptop or mobile phone

ii) Data roaming prices

v) Relevant notes

vi) Cost per 1 GB inside the bundle
* Output in excel, supported by a summary report sent with each update commenting on the price changes made by the operators.
* Updated quarterly, coverage continuously expanded, changes are marked for easy identification

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