Market Opportunity: mVoIP + Social + Presence

 Published On: Aug, 2011 |    No of Pages: 35 |  Published By: Mind Commerce | Format: PDF
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There is a unique opportunity, for a period of about three years, for certain so called Over-the-Top VoIP providers to offer social networking driven services that represent a low cost/no cost alternative to incumbent network operator's services.

More specifically, there is an opportunity for certain OTT VoIP providers to stand out from the crowd, gain market share, and attract the attention of acquiring incumbent wireless carriers. Those same mobile network operators need to recognize that a strategy to start with OTT Wireless VoIP is a bridge to "dialable" VoIP via LTE. They also need to recognize that OTT VoIP is also a longer term offering themselves, even in a ubiquitous LTE coverage environment (which will be many years in the making) as roaming partners will not necessarily have their own LTE coverage.

This report evaluates the OTT Wireless VoIP opportunity from the perspective of its place the evolving bearer (voice and data) services market, the importance of social networks in its growth, its roll as a transition to "dialable" VoIP services via VoLTE, and the future of VoIP for incumbent mobile operators.

Key Findings:

  • Social networks is a driver for building critical mass for OTT wireless VoIP service offerings
  • Incumbent operators are in the best position to leverage presence and other core network capabilities
  • OTT wireless VoIP is a challenge that will become an opportunity for operators that take action
  • The combination of mVoIP, social, and presence defines a shift occurring in bearer services value


  • Over-the-Top VoIP providers
  • Incumbent wireless network operators
  • VoIP infrastructure and application companies
  • Value-added Service (VAS) application developers

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary. 4
Introduction.. 5
Over-the-Top (OTT) Mobile VoIP Providers. 6
Apple (Facetime) 6
Overview.. 6
Analysis. 7
Fring. 8
Overview.. 8
Analysis. 8
Google Voice. 9
Overview.. 9
Analysis. 9
iCall 10
Overview.. 10
Analysis. 10
Jajah.. 11
Overview.. 11
Analysis. 11
NetTalk. 12
Overview.. 12
Analysis. 12
Nimbuzz. 13
Overview.. 13
Analysis. 13
OoVoo. 14
Overview.. 14
Analysis. 14
Qik. 15
Overview.. 15
Analysis. 15
Skype. 16
Overview.. 16
Analysis. 16
ango. 17
Overview.. 17
Analysis. 17
Talkonaut 18
Overview.. 18
Analysis. 18
Truphone. 19
Overview.. 19
Analysis. 19
Viber 20
Overview.. 20
Analysis. 20
Vonage. 21
Overview.. 21
Analysis. 21
Vopium.. 22
Overview.. 22
Analysis. 22
WhistlePhone. 23
Overview.. 23
Analysis. 23
Overall Analysis. 24
Company/Solution Comparative Analysis. 24
Social Networking Dimension.. 26
Branding Impacts. 26
Technology and Solution Impacts. 26
Social Media and VoIP.. 28
Can Facebook Drive Significant VoIP Growth?. 28
Presence and VoIP.. 29
Presence in Telecommunications. 29
Presence and OTT VoIP Providers. 31
Market Opportunities and Challenges. 32
Forecasting Growth.. 32
Market Predictions. 33
Mobile Network Operators. 33
Summary and Recommendations. 34

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