Australia Freight Transport Report

 Published On: Feb, 2015 |    No of Pages: 75 |  Published By: BMI Freight Transport | Format: PDF
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Australia's current account picture is gradually improving despite deteriorating terms of trade, the result of higher export volumes and lower income outflows, the former providing welcome news for the Australia freight industry. Going forward we maintain that a current account surplus is likely as the Australian dollar depreciates, but this will increasingly be driven by lower imports, to the detriment of the domestic economy.

Australia's current account position continues to gradually improve, and we maintain our view that a current account surplus within the next few years (we are forecasting a broad balance by 2017). There have been two dynamics in play that have been contributing to the improvement in Australia's current account deficit over recent years. Firstly, the trade balance has gradually improved as commodity shipments have surged in volume terms, while import growth has been subdued owing to the weaker Australian dollar and slower investment growth. We expect these trends to continue to lead to an improvement in the trade account, even as export values struggle with the impact of lower iron ore and coal prices.

Industry View 7
Freight Transport 10
Political 12
Economic 13
Industry Forecast 14
Road Freight 17
Table: Road Freight (Australia 2012-2019) 18
Rail Freight 18
Table: Rail Freight (Australia 2012-2019) 19
Air Freight 20
Table: Air Freight (Australia 2012-2019) 20
Maritime Freight 20
Table: Maritime Freight (Australia 2012-2019) 21
Trade 21
Table: Trade Overview (Australia 2012-2019) 21
Table: Key Trade Indicators (Australia 2012-2019) 22
Table: Top Import Destinations, 2006-2013 23
Table: Top Export Destinations, 2006-2013 24
Market Overview 25
Company Profile 35
Toll Group 35
Pacific National 39
Aurizon (formerly QR National) 43
Qantas Freight 48
Political Outlook 53
Domestic Politics 53
Long-Term Political Outlook 55
Table: Table: Political Overview 60
Oil Price Outlook 61
Global - Crude Oil, Refined Fuels And Natural Gas Prices, 10-year Forecasts 61
Table: Energy Price Forecasts (Global 2013-2018) 61
Table: Energy Price Forecasts (Global 2019-2024) 62
Macroeconomic Forecasts 64
Economic Analysis 64
Table: Macroeconomic Forecasts (Australia 2010-2016) 66
Demographic Forecast 68
Table: Population Headline Indicators (Australia 1990-2025) 69
Table: Key Population Ratios (Australia 1990-2025) 69
Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Australia 1990-2025) 70
Table: Population By Age Group (Australia 1990-2025) 70
Table: Population By Age Group % (Australia 1990-2025) 71
Methodology 73
Industry Forecast Methodology 73
Sector-Specific Methodology 74
Sources 75

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