Japan Water Report

 Published On: Aug, 2013 |    No of Pages: 39 |  Published By: BMI Water | Format: PDF
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Japan's water market is very impressive, boasting very low water losses due to its earthquakeresistant
pipelines and emphasis on infrastructure efficiency. The country also has very high water quality
and repeatedly passes new stricter regulations. Japan is, however, subject to monsoons, and suffers from
severe droughts approximately every 10 years. Water distribution between agricultural, industrial and
domestic users is therefore sometimes difficult and needs careful management.
In recent news, there has been the potential for groundwater contamination following the nuclear meltdown
at Fukushima after the earthquake in March 2011. This may affect market confidence and public opinion.
Domestic users are constantly demanding higher water quality in Japan due to an increased awareness of
pathogens - and there is a keen focus on the constant improvement of water treatment technology and heavy
investment in this segment of the water sector.

Industry View 5
Political 9
Economic 10
Business Environment 11
Industry Forecast 13
Water Extraction 14
Table: Japan Water Extraction, 2011-2017 16
Water Consumption 17
Table: Japan Water Consumption 2011-2017 18
Water Treatment And Sanitation 18
Table: Japan Water Treatment, 2011-2017 20
Market Overview 21
Water Supply And Consumption 21
Industries And Agricultural Water Consumption 23
Distribution 24
Treatment And Sanitation 24
Regulations And Water Tariffs 25
Industry Trends And Developments 26
Table: Japan Water Projects 28
Competitive Landscape 29
Japan Water Agency (JWA) 29
The River Bureau 30
Japan Sanitation Consortium 30
Japan Water Works Association 30
Global Industry Overview 31
Global Water Overview 31
Demographic Forecast 34
Demographic Forecast 34
Table: Japan's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000) 35
Table: Japan's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total) 36
Table: Japan's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020 37
Table: Japan's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020 37
Methodology 38

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