Russia Water Report

 Published On: Jul, 2014 |    No of Pages: 44 |  Published By: BMI Water | Format: PDF
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As the Russian government strives to make the necessary improvements to the country's water sector, private investment continues to increase at a very promising rate. To ensure long-term growth, much work is needed, especially in developing the water infrastructure and the next five years is expected to see the water equipment market almost double. With the government's Clean Water Programme aiming to severely improve the water sector, the country is expected to see great improvements in terms of access to water and the lowering of pollution levels. For years, the water sector has seen massive levels of underfunding due largely to a certain amount of neglect from the government, very little private investment and incredibly low tariffs that provide next to nothing to be put back into the system. The entire network and infrastructure is in need of an upgrade and there are still many areas of the country that have no access to mains water or any kind of sewage network. Georgij Karlov, chairman of the Russian Duma's sub-committee on water resources has said that, 'Statistically, one-third of the Russian population uses water that is not properly prepared for consumption. Alas, still many enterprises and even towns, let alone rural locations, do not possess discharge treatment and water purification facilities, and those that are available are often obsolete.' With the launch of the Clean Water Programme in 2011, which is set to run until 2017, the Russian government hopes to significantly improve the quality of drinking water in the country, especially in more rural areas. Interestingly the USD10bn scheme is being jointly funded by the government alongside private investment, meaning that for the first time public-private partnerships (PPPs) are not only being tolerated but actively encouraged. This has already resulted in a noticeable boost in funding for the sector, which is also being put to use in an attempt to achieve the secondary goals of the programme. These include increasing the percentage of the population with access to clean water as well as severely improving the efficiency and accessibility of the waste water network.

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Water SWOT 9
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Business Environment 13
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Table: Russia Waste Water, 2012-2018 19
Industry Risk/Reward Ratings 20
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Market Overview 22
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Industry Trends And Developments 26
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Demographic Forecast 35
Table: Russia's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000) 36
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Table: Russia's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020 38
Table: Russia's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020 38
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