Serbia Water Report

 Published On: Feb, 2014 |    No of Pages: 54 |  Published By: BMI Water | Format: PDF
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View: The Serbian authorities have recently implemented a number of expansion and modernisationprojects for their water networks and water treatment facilities, focusing on reducing water losses,increasing the water quality, and improving water sanitation and regulatory legislation. These investmentsand regulations, in conjunction with our forecasted population decline over the coming years, will result insteady decreases in water consumption across the board between 2013 and 2017, as water infrastructureimproves and conservative water consumption habits become more entrenched.
Serbia's objectives are to increase available clean water, increase the number of connections to the publicwater supply system, increase water quality overall and construct a number of new treatment plants,upgrade existing ones and penalise poorly functioning ones (under new government legislation). Carefulwater management will be a major priority of the Serbian Ministry of Energy, Development andEnvironmental Protection. Currently, Serbia has severe problems with industrial water pollution and wastewater management, and the rectification of these issues will be the key focus of the next few years.
However, the improvement of these areas will be hampered by ongoing economic uncertainty, so thecountry is likely to0 look to foreign companies and governments for the loans and expertise it needs.

Industry View 7
Water 10
Political 12
Economic 13
Business Environment 14
Industry Forecast 15
Water Extraction 16
Table: Serbia Water Extraction 2011-2023 17
Water Consumption 18
Table: Serbia Water Consumption, 2011-2017 19
Water Treatment and Sanitation 21
Table: Serbia Water Treatment, 2011-2017 21
Table: Serbia Sanitation, 2011-2017 25
Industry Risk Reward Ratings 26
Country Water Risk Reward Ratings 26
Table: Europe Regional Risk/Reward Ratings 26
Rewards 26
Risks 27
Market Overview 28
Water Supply and Consumption 28
Industries and Agricultural Water Consumption 29
Table: Industry Water Usage In Serbia, 2011, (mn cubic metres) 30
Table: Agricultural Water Consumption Serbia, 2011 30
Distribution 30
Table: Access To Drinking Water, 2008-2013 31
Treatment & Sanitation 31
Table: Serbia Sewage Networks, 2008-2011 33
Regulations and Tariffs 33
Industry Trends And Developments 36
Industry Trends and Developments 36
Table: Serbia Water Projects 38
Competitive Landscape 39
Government Ministries 39
Directorate For Water 39
Hydrometeorological Service 40
Srbija Vode 40
Public Water Management Companies 40
Public Water Utilities Companies 41
Global Industry Overview 42
Demographic Forecast 45
Demographic Outlook 45
Table: Serbia's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000) 46
Table: Serbia's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total) 47
Table: Serbia's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020 48
Table: Serbia's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020 48
Methodology 49
Industry Forecast Methodology 49
Sources 51
Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology 51
Table: Water Risk/Reward Rating Indicators 52
Table: Weighting of Indicators (%) 53

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