Iran Water Report

 Published On: Oct, 2015 |    No of Pages: 46 |  Published By: BMI Water | Format: PDF
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BMI View: We expect the majority of our forecast indicators to see a substantial decline over 2015 in the wake of IS' continued targeting of water facilities, and we do not anticipate a full recovery until the end of our forecast period. Should the conflict continue or intensify, with IS destroying facilities as opposed to capturing them, then this poses a significant downside risk to our forecasts.

ISIS still controls or has a presence near a number of key river dam water supply facilities across Iraq, particularly those on the major Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which represent Iraq's key freshwater resources. We see this as a serious risk both to continued existing supplies and to future investments into the sector, as infrastructure and management companies are unlikely to want to invest in a country where their water assets are at such risk. International attention had previously been focused on risks to the oil sector in Iraq, but water is now firmly in the public eye and the full significance of IS' strategic movements is beginning to show. Although economically their occupation of key oil-producing regions posed a serious threat to Iraq's economic stability (and had implications for the wider region) the threat to the country's water supplies is a far more immediate danger, particularly in the southern regions of Iraq which rely heavily on the rivers' waters.

BMI Industry View ... 7
Water SWOT  9
Political . 10
Economic ... 11
Operational Risk . 12
Industry Forecast .. 14
Production  14
Table: Total Water Production . 15
Table: Water Production by Source . . 15
Distribution .. 17
Table: Water Distribution 17
Non Revenue Water  18
Table: Water Losses 18
Domestic Consumption And Connectivity  19
Table: Household Consumption and Connectivity . . 19
Non Domestic Consumption . 20
Table: Mains Non Domestic Water Consumption 20
Sanitation . 21
Table: Wastewater Collected 22
Table: Wastewater Processed . . 23
Industry Risk Reward Index . 24
Iraq Risk Reward Index  24
Table: Middle East And Africa Water Risk/Reward Index 24
Rewards ... 24
Risks  25
Market Overview ... 26
Water Services Market Overview  26
Water Infrastructure Market Overview  28
Competitive Landscape  30
The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works  30
The Ministry of Water Resources ... 30
The Ministry of Environment  30
Global Industry Overview .. 31
Demographic Forecast . 37
Table: Population Headline Indicators (Iraq 1990-2025) . 38
Table: Key Population Ratios (Iraq 1990-2025) . 38
Table: Urban/Rural Population And Life Expectancy (Iraq 1990-2025) 39
Table: Population By Age Group (Iraq 1990-2025) . 39
Table: Population By Age Group % (Iraq 1990-2025) . 40
Methodology .. 42
Industry Forecast Methodology  42
Sources  44
Risk/Reward Index Methodology ... 44
Table: Water Risk/Reward Index Indicators 45
Table: Weighting Of Indicators . 46
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