Your Information that We NEED

As you land on our website: your IP address gets recorded. We use this IP address to check on any issues (if any) with the server and to administer further details of the visit. Your IP address is also a way which enables us to identify you buy a report or request any service through us. You can be completely carefree for we have a fixed systematic method of storing this data and WE DO NOT in any circumstance share or leak them with the outer world.


Cookies are certain information that is stored in your computer while you visit our website. This information comes back to us when you revisit the website. Basically, cookies provide vital information like number of people visiting our webpage and the location/region from where the traffic is rooting. Cookies that we use also see to it that you don't need to enter your e-mail id and password every time you visit our page. However, in case of you can also visit our website if you are not using cookies. Some important data about your system such as the IP address and so on is stored with Google Analytics. These details aren't used or exposed by Google for any other purpose; hence it is safe.

In order to use OR not to use cookies, you can go help portion of the toolbar on your browser and follow the steps according to your references. The settings on your browser can prevent or allow you from accepting a cookie. This setting also enables accepting certain cookies or disabling all the cookies. However, at BharatBook you can avail full benefits of some super cool features, thus we recommend you to keep the cookies setting switched on.

Connecting through emails

Once you have interacted with us with regards to our website, your e-mail address gets stored with us. There are a lot of good features which you can enjoy by sharing your email id like the latest from the research markets. You can customize the settings as per your preference (if you like you will receive regular updates in the form of newsletters). These newsletters will enable you to know the best from your interested niche. You can also opt out for the service if you want to stop receiving e-mails.

Your information is SEAL-SECURED

We safeguard your information while transfer by utilizing SSL software (Secure Sockets Layer). This software encrypts the information you insert. Such a brick block security is important to undo the chances of unauthorized access to your computer device and your password. However, it is also suggested that you SIGN OUT WITHOUT FAIL when using a shared computer or any other multimedia device.

Legal Disclaimer

We reserve all rights to share and disclose your personal information regarding your identity whenever required by legal proceedings and whenever we believe that such disclosure is necessary and rightful in order to protect our rights and to comply with court order or legal process served by law on our website.