Life Science Market – Exploring the Wonders of Every Life Form

Biotechnology | Adolf | Dec 2,2021 196

What is Life Science? If we remember studying about the subject at the primary level in school, the most basic answer would be a field of science that refers to the study of all living organisms such plants, animals, humans and micro-organisms. We must have all have studied this one branch of science without actually understanding what it meant then. Going forward, t...Read more

Bio-based Leather Market, the Natural Fabric Turns Eco-Friendly

Materials | Adolf | Nov 13,2021 815

From early civilization to the modern age, leather has been a crucial part of every era. Owing to its enduring feature, the material was utilized to create many objects. During the prehistoric times, early forms of leather produced from dried animal skins were used for clothing and shelter.  Later when man started recognising the material as more than just a by-product...Read more

Emergency Medical Needs Get the Saudi Arabia Air Ambulance Market...

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Oct 27,2021 1207

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most visited countries in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), with the religious tourism being the key facilitator of traveller flows. Also as one of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East, the country is changing into a global hub for travel and tourism. During the period of Hajj, which is the Islamic pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia,...Read more

COVID-19 Effect – The Ultrasound Probe Disinfection Market Gets M...

Medical Devices | Adolf | Oct 25,2021 918

As the technology advances each day, there have been numerous changes happening in the medical and health sector. However, one thing that remains constant is that people with any medical issues visit their doctors to be analysed and treated. At times it may seem as a simple matter like a common cold or fever, but with the complications arising due to the current pandemic, it...Read more

Asia Pacific Dominates the Online Gaming Ecosystem

Business Services | Adolf | Oct 12,2021 1039

When I bought my first Nokia phone way back in early 2000, I was literally obsessed with one of the famous games of that time – Snake. I’m pretty sure everyone must have played or at least heard about it, where the basic motive of the game was to keep the fast moving and ever-growing serpent from colliding into itself. Later, with the launch of an advanced versio...Read more

Visions of the Future – The Bionic Eye

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Sep 30,2021 1380

Our eyes are one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. It is a specialized sensory organ, without which we would not be able to see the world around us. While some think that the functions of the eyes are limited to only reading and seeing, this obviously is not entirely true. Our eyesight is more into organizing the body and mind that is practically important for...Read more

Why Agrochemicals are important for Agriculture in South Africa?

Agriculture | Adolf | Sep 22,2021 957

Besides tourism, the agriculture sector in South Africa plays a vital role in providing employment and food security through the basic harvests that feed the people each day. In fact, commercial farming is considered as the backbone of the country’s agricultural economy. Ranging from warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters, South Africa’s climate a...Read more

How effective is the Home Healthcare Service?

Healthcare Services | Adolf | Sep 14,2021 1544

The pandemic had kept everyone up in the family. During the initial days, it was a struggle to adjust to the work-from-home environment, as well as trying our level best to stay away from the fatal virus. If this was not enough, the imposed lockdown added more woes to the already difficult situation. Read more

Foodservice, How about Giving a Treat to Your Taste Buds!

Food | Adolf | Sep 13,2021 1132

I love food, be it cooking or eating. As much as I enjoy home-cooked food, I equally relish dining out as it gives me an opportunity to experience different cuisines and food services offered at various eateries. So whenever there is a reason to celebrate any occasion or festival with family and friends, I like to be at the forefront to help select the food and the place to...Read more

India Explores Digital Skills with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Information Technology | Adolf | Aug 31,2021 1619

With advanced technology it has now become possible for our imagination or the things that we may visualise to become a reality in the near future. Working for a company that specializes in electronic gadgets has its own perks, especially when I have had quite a number of opportunities to visit sci-fi fairs or live events. No matter how many times I may have been to such sho...Read more