China's Wheat Market Review of 2014 and Outlook of 2015

 Published On: Apr, 2015 |    No of Pages: 25 |  Published By: Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Ltd | Format: PDF
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This report gives a review on the changes in domestic and international wheat market in a whole year, and presents an outlook on the wheat market in 2015, in the hope that it may serve as a reference for the operations and decision-making of corresponding people.


1. Review of Wheat Price 1
1.1 Review of Annual Price 1
1.2 Review of the Market over the Past Year 2
1.3 Analysis of Future Price Tendency 4
1.4 Annual Analysis of 2014/15 Grains 4
2. Analysis of Factors Affecting China's Wheat Price 5
2.1 Analysis of Wheat Supply and Demand 5
2.1.1 Wheat Flour Milling Consumption 5
2.1.2 Feed and Deep Processing Consumption 7
2.1.3 Import & Export 8
2.1.4 Inventory and Inventory Structure 9
2.1.5 Annual Production and Consumption Analysis of Domestic Grain 11
2.2 Global Wheat Supply and Demand 17
2.2.1 Analysis of Global Production and Supply&Demand in 2014/15 17
2.2.2 Global Production and Supply & Demand Prediction in 2015/16 17
3. Influence of National Policy on food 22
3.1 Support Policy of Wheat Production 22
3.2 Trade Policies 22
4. Macroeconomic's Influence on Wheat Price 23
5. Research Conclusion: 25

Index of Table & Fig

Fig1. Annual Price of China Wheat in 2000-2014 2
Table 1. the annual price and annual changes of wheat in Global and other main countries,2012-2014 2
Fig2. Monthly Price of China Wheat and Its Real Changes Deducting Currency Value Change 3
Fig3. Monthly Price of Global Wheat and Its Real Changes Deducting Currency Value Change 3
Fig4. Annual Price Level of China Wheat in 1999/00-2014/15 5
Fig5. Global Wheat Annual Price Tendency in 2009/10-2014/15 5
Fig6. Monthly Flour Output of China Large Scale Flour Processing Enterprises, 2007- 2014 6
Fig7.Monthly Wheat Consumption Volume of China Large Scale Flour Processing Enterprises 2007-2014 6
Fig8.Monthly Operation Rate of China Flour Processing Enterprises, 2005-2014 7
Fig9. Monthly Consumption Structure of China Wheat, 2005 ~ 2014 8
Fig10. Monthly Price Trend Comparison Between China Wheat and Global Wheat 9
Fig11. the Comparison Between China Wheat Import &Export Quantity and Value 9
Fig12. China Wheat Month End Inventory and Its Ratio, 2008-2014 10
Fig13. China Wheat Month End Inventory Structure 2009-2014 10
Fig14. the Prediction of Domestic Wheat Month End Inventory Structure 10
Fig15. Monthly YOY Changes Condition of Domestic Main Fertilizer Varieties 12
Fig16. Annual Output and Planting Area of China Wheat, 1991/92 ~ 2013/14 13
Fig17. China Wheat Annual Consumption Structure ,1991/92 ~ 2014/15 13
Fig18. China Wheat Year End Inventory and Security Index,1991/92 ~ 2014/15 13
Table2. China Wheat Output and the Balance of Supply and Demand(2015.2) 14
Table3.Output Prediction of China Wheat 2015/16(2015.1) 14
Table4.China Winter Wheat Production Prediction 2015/16(2015.1) 15
Table5. China Spring Wheat Production Prediction 2015/16(2015.1) 15
Table6. China Quality Wheat Production Prediction 2015/16(2015.1) 16
Table7. Global Wheat Output and the Balance of Supply and Demand 2015/16,(2015.1 17
Table8. Wheat Production in Main Countries, 2015/16,(2015.1) 18
Fig19. Global Wheat Output and Planting Area 18
Fig20. Classification of Global Wheat Consumption 19
Fig21. Global Wheat End Stock and Security Index 20
Fig22. Annual Output, Consumption Volume and End Stock Trend in Different Years21
Fig23. Comparison Between Global Wheat Security Index and Price Tendency 21
Fig24.Comparison Between International Wheat Price and USD Tendency 23
Fig25.Comparison Between Wholesale Wheat Price and USD Value 23
Fig26.Monthly Comparison Between International Wheat Price and USD Tendency 24
Fig27.Comparison Between Domestic Wheat Price and USD Price Tendency 24

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