The Zimbabwe Agribusiness Market Report 2015

 Published On: Apr, 2015 |    No of Pages: 40 |  Published By: Emerging Markets Analysts | Format: PDF
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The Zimbabwe Agribusiness Report 2015 features Emerging Markets Analysts (EMA)'s market assessment and independent forecasts for production, consumption and trade across core agricultural commodities.
EMA's Zimbabwe Agribusiness Market Report 2015 includes independent commodity price forecasting and analysis for key agricultural outputs, an overview of the agribusiness competitive landscape and a discussion of the downstream context of agricultural production in relation to country food consumption forecasts and composite food and beverage trade forecasts.

What makes this report unique?
The report also presents a unique blend of qualitative analysis combined with extensive quantitative data including global, regional and country outlook and country forecasts from 2015-2020 - all highlighting strategic business opportunities.

Key Benefits
• Use EMA's independent industry forecasts to test other views - a key input for successful planning in dynamic agribusiness markets.
• Apply EMA's medium-term commodity price analysis to assist with budgetary planning and the identification of investment opportunities and potential risks.
• Assess the activities and market position of your competitors, partners and clients.
Why you should buy The Zimbabwe Agribusiness Market Report 2015
• 40 pages of comprehensive analysis
• 13 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying the market in detail
• The Zimbabwe Agribusiness market forecasts between 2015 and 2020
• Five year forecasts for the Zimbabwe Agribusiness submarkets, including consumption, and production of varies grain and commodities, including:
- Corn
- Wheat
- Sugar
- Dairy
- Livestock

• Zimbabwe Agribusiness SWOT analysis, project tables for each commodity, production and consumption, of each, competitive landscape outlook, detailing major players in the sector, Zimbabwe’s economic activity.
• 2 leading companies identified and profiled, including 2015 market segment and recent activity.

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Executive Summary 4
Zimbabwe Agribusiness SWOT 6
SWOT Analysis 6
Global Agribusiness Industry Overview 7
Table: Cocoa Supply Forecasts & Outlook 9
Figure: ICCO Monthly Average Cocoa Prices 2012-2015, GBP/tonne 10
Figure: ICO Monthly Average Coffee Prices 2012-2015, USc/lb 11
Zimbabwe Agribusiness Overview 17
Zimbabwe Agribusiness Market Data & Forecasts 19
Table: Zimbabwe Agribusiness Industry Data 2011-2020 19
Grains Outlook 19
Figure: Zimbabwe Corn Production & Consumption Forecasts, 2011-2020 20
Figure: Zimbabwe Wheat Production & Consumption Forecasts, 2011-2020 23
Sugar Outlook 24
Figure: Zimbabwe Sugar Production & Consumption Forecasts, 2011-2020 24
Dairy 25
Table: Zimbabwe Agribusiness Industry Data 2011-2020 25
Figure: Zimbabwe Milk Production & Consumption Forecasts, 2011-2020 26
Livestock Outlook 27
Table: Zimbabwe Livestock Industry Data 2011-2020 27
Figure: Zimbabwe Poultry Production & Consumption Forecasts, 2011-2020 28
Figure: Zimbabwe Beef Production & Consumption Forecasts, 2011-2020 28
Key Trends and Developments 30
Zimbabwe Economic Outlook 31
Table: Zimbabwe Economic Activity Data 2011-2020 31
Company Profiles 34
Dendairy 34
Tongaat-Hulett Sugar 34
Glossary Of Terms 35
Research Methodology 36
Appendix A 37
Appendix B 38

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