Indian Power Sector - A Comprehensive Review and Identifying Opportunities in Store

 Published On: Jun, 2014 |    No of Pages: 180 |  Published By: SNP Infra Research solutions | Format: PDF
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This report encompasses exhaustively the set of possible impacts of impending issues post the General Assembly elections in FY 2014 and what likely changes will it bring in terms of positives for the power sector. Also, the dossier focuses on identifying opportunities associated with power generation, distribution, transmission, trading and rural electrification. The report also attempts to identify and dive deep into key developments and trends across power sector in India such as capacity additions in generation, transmission networks and distribution networks.

Nascent Draft Tariff Regulations for control period 2014-19 also finds an exhaustive coverage in the report with all possible impacts duly assessed and examined. The ardent need of finances is not only the need of the hour for Indian power sector, as far as project execution is concerned but also the identifying right channel partners to fund the same is equally pivotal. Hence, the dossier attempts to identify right ways of financing a power project in India by analysing resource capabilities, competencies and investment potential as three key parameters.

The report focuses on minute details of the investment tune planned in the sector coupled with the evaluation of country’s economic environment. This report not only deals in with all facets of power sector but also covers the intricacies and nuances of all allied industries by covering all equipment & machinery providers and the associated developments experienced with them. Also, the report profiles all power projects through an exhaustive and exclusive database.

1. Executive Summary

2. The Indian Power Sector
Indian Power Scenario & World
Capacity Addition Plans & Investment in Store

• Renewable Energy in India
Power Trading in India
Power Tariffs in India
Key Issues & Concerns for Power Sector in India & Way Forward

3. Institutional Design & Policy Framework
 Institutional Design
• Ministry of Power
• Central Generation Companies
• Central Transmission Utility
• State Transmission Utility
• Load Dispatch Centers
• Appellate Tribunal
• Bureau of Energy Efficiency
• Central Financing Body
• Training & Research Institute
Legal Framework
• Electricity Act 2003
• Energy Conservation Act 2001
Policy Framework
• National Electricity Policy
• National Tariff Policy
• Competitive Tariff Determination Guidelines
Recent Developments
• Terms & Conditions of Draft Tariff Regulations 2014-19
• Debt Restructuring of
Distribution Utilities & SEBs
• Changes in RE Policy
• JNNSM Phase II

4. Tracking Important Regulations & Implications
CERCs Regulation
• Final Tariff Regulations 2014-19 & Implications
• ABT Regulation
• Inter-State Open Access Regulation
• Trading Regulations

5. Tracking Performance of Power Generation in India
Existing Size & Planned Growth
Fuel Mix for Power Generation in India
Installed Capacity Break-Up by Ownership
State Wise Power Generation Position
Generation Capacity Additions Goals & Performance
• Historical Trend
• Performance in 12th Plan so far
Government Initiatives
Issues & Challenges
Capacity Additions Outlook

6. Renewable Power in India
Size & Growth of RE Power in India
Capacity Additions by RE Sources till 2020
Policy & Regulatory Environment
Financing of RE Projects in India
Issues & Challenges
Outlook 2020

7. Power Transmission in India
Size & Growth of Transmission Network in India
• Current Transmission Infrastructure
• Review of 11th Plan & 12th Capacity Additions
• Transmission Planning – Open Access Factored
Status Update
• National Grid
• Inter-State Transmission Network
• Intra-State Transmission Network
• Independent Power Transmission
Company/JV Projects
Transmission Tariffs
• Tariff Structure
• Inter – State Open Access Regulations
• Point of Connection Charge Mechanism
• Tariff of STUs
Issues & Concerns
Future Outlook 2020

8. Power Distribution in India
Size & Growth of Distribution Network
Structure of Distribution Infrastructure
AT&C Loss Levels – Trends
Performance of SEBs & Distribution Utilities
Key Government Initiatives
Distribution Franchisee Model & Application
Private Discoms Performance
Key Issues & Concerns
Future Outlook -2020

9. Rural Electrification & Smart Grid
Application in India
Government Policy & Regulation
• State Schemes
Decentralised Distributed Generation –Concept & Application
Standalone RE Systems
Budgetary Allocations
Smart Grid Applications in India
• Transmission Side
• Distribution Side
• Opportunities in Smart Grid
Applications in India
Issues & Challenges
Current Market Size
Future Outlook

10. Power Trading in India
Power Trading Market in India – Size & Growth
• OTC Market
• UI Market
• REC Market
• Forward Market
Power Trading Exchanges
Policy & Regulations
Public & Private Power Trading Companies
Issues & Concerns
Future Outlook 2020

11. Financing of Power Sector in India
Types of Financing
Scale of investments
Key Financing Bodies
Viability Gap Funding (VGF)
Issues & Concerns
Future Outlook 2020

12. Private Sector Participation – General Elections Aftermath
Present Status of Participation
Private Projects in Pipeline
Government Initiatives for Private Sector Participation
Private Sector Participation in Transmission Segment
Private Sector Participation in Distribution Segment
Issues & Challenges
Future Outlook 2020

13. Equipment & Machinery – General Elections Aftermath
Present Status of E&M Industry in India
Estimated Equipment Requirement
Domestic Manufacturing Unit for Equipments –Impacts on Foreign Players
Opportunities in E&M Segment
Key Issues & Challenges
Outlook 2020

14. Conclusion

15. Power Plant Database

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