Apple Takes On Big with Streaming Services


Remember how we all used to crowd around our television sets at home, to watch our favorite shows or movies at a particular time slot? Well this would soon become a memory of the distant past, as we will be watching favorite shows directly as per our demand through streaming technology, instead of missing it when it is live telecasted. With the boom of technology in every passing moment, the evolution of on-demand online shows and other streaming media seems to be taking a giant’s leap.

Over the past few years, many streaming video services such Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu etc have launched in the market, offering viewers more choices than ever as compared to the traditional pay TV.A few years back, Apple foretold about their vision – ‘imagine a giant iPhone on your living room wall’. Keeping true to their words, Apple is expected to launch a new video streaming service to take on the likes of the current ruling moguls of the industry.

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Although it is not clear if the site will launch as a separate service, but it will be accessible to all users irrespective of the device they are using. As Apple is competing with some of the ruling service providers of the industry, the tech giant cannot afford to lose in the competition. Also it is expected to see a built-in-technology feature in televisions brands like Sony, Samsung and LG, which are getting ready to support the Apple streaming services. The lines seem to blur between smart-phones and smart TVs.

Netflix and Amazon have done a great job by creating contents that attracts subscribers for their services. According to the measurement service Symphony, shows like Orange is the New Black and Fuller House on Netflix had a viewership of 16 million viewers each. Following in their footsteps, Apple will start their own channel with a variety of original TV shows, movies, sci-fi films, comedy shows and documentaries. Leaving no stones unturned, Apple is expected to spend US$2 billion on contents featuring celebrated creative artists with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Octavia Spencer, JJ Abrams, M Night Shyamalan, Jon M Chu and many others.

Many market analysts feel that when Apple sales fell for the first time in 2016 due to the declining iPhone revenues, the company started with the idea of having original content as a strategy to bring people back to the brand. The official launch portrays a restored version of something Apple has been already doing for all these years. However with Apple moving in the Over-The-Top space (OTT), the media and entertainment ecosystem is expected to be affected in a healthy way. The rivals fear that Apple along with their awesome products and a huge investment will take the market by storm. However topping the list is Netflix with 139 million subscribers, followed by Amazon Prime at 100 million and Hulu taking the third position with about 25 million subscribers.

The media and entertainment space is booming with a new tomorrow. With well-funded and established streaming services, the battle has just begun as all players on the platform gear up to gamble big on original, exclusive and quality contents. In the era, when everyone in the TV industry is trying to speculate about the future, it seems that technology and services that meet the viewers’ on- demand attitudes is in no doubt the only way to success.