Bharatbook’s Insight of 2015


We are few hours away from starting 2016. The outgoing year-2015 has been quite an eventful one for many reasons. Businesswise, the year can be summed up as a roller costar, Google has been active with its ‘out of the box’ inventions, governing bodies of several countries seem to take technology for serious (at least now), smarter ways of doing things is expanding beyond the use of smartphones and lots more. On a whole, there is a trend of many emerging “developing” countries coming into the play and YES the competition to growth isn’t surely getting any simpler. In the last blog in 2015, we at Bharatbook thought of cumulating the most important posts together.

Highlights of 2015 –

Most Likely Trends from Technology Industry for 2015

Being a core business website, we are used to putting up trends for different industries at different stages. This was the first blog in 2015-it spoke on the various verticals of technology and the most probable makeovers that were expected to happen throughout the year.

Figures from the US Weight Loss Market denoting a potential upsurge

Weight loss reports from the US and worldwide have always been on our top 10 selling research reports list. This report provides a proper insight on the Weight loss market of USA enabling an understanding of the potential growth which has come true as we end 2015.

US Rehab Industry: Bringing Normalcy to Lives

Just like the weight loss topic; rehab industry especially in the US also scores well on our selling list. The topic comes up revamped with latest additions within regular intervals and thus posting a blog helps in spreading the word of goodness. It receives some real good response from our regular readers.

“Bharatbook’s Insight of 2015-Blog Highlights”


US Janitorial Industry-An In-depth Analysis

This is another report that we cover on timely basis, demand for the report is also quite regular. The blog speaks about the several factors that run the US Janitorial industry and its different verticals. It is undoubtedly among the most active segment of the service industry in the country.

3D Cell Cultures: The Technology & its Global Market

It is a known fact that 3D as a growing technology is ought to rule the world in the future. This blog focused on the 3D Cell technology-the R&D activities involved in developing the industry and getting things started as soon as possible. The 3D cell invention is sure to flip the global healthcare sector for the better.

Apple Inc books $18 billion- the highest quarterly profits in history

This is the first massive profit making news in any business sector in 2015. What a trending topic it was for the day; the global markets swung to immediate GREENS. Apple was enjoying the success of its iPhone series and had posted a 70% growth in sales in China, its largest market. Just not that, Tim Cook had announced the developing news of Apple Pay which followed later in the year.

The “MUST KNOW” about Apple Watch Revealed

Not long after the super success of the iPhone, Apple launched its much awaited Smart watch product-the iWatch. It was released on the 24th of April, 2015 was a big revolution in the wearables industry to say the least.

India’s Target: 100 Smart Cities in coming 2 decades

This was the first massive news coming from India after the big power-flip that happened in April 2014. Talks on making the Smart City project a reality were grinding the mills since ages but the authorized permissions came up in the 2015. The NDA government prepared a plan and targets to have about 100 Smart Cities by the end of 2035. More details regarding the same also shared here and here.

Maggi Row: the reputed Instant noodle brand faces exile in India

26th March, 2015 the day when the hell came cracking down on Nestlé’s most loved brand Maggi-the 2 minute instant noodle product which ruled the market for over 3 decades. There were severe charges of inclusion of certain ingredients which was sighted dangerous for human consumption. The nightmares continued for Maggi and it turned out to a long stretched battle. Here is the Maggi Re-launch story.


India celebrated her 69th Independent year in the midst all the technological developments. Startup culture has picked up big time 2015; the blog is a full-length insight on how India has come off ages from the traditional Charkha to the seed funded startup industry. It was one of the high response blog of 2015.

So, 2015 was indeed an eventful year as there were many other things that happened like the Driverless Car,

Marshmallow update from Google,

Biggest news from the Indian e-commerce industry,

Changes in the e-commerce sector in India

India to waterless by 2025

Internet of Things (IOT)

Indian Application Industry growing by 131%

India has 402 million Internet users- a milestone crossed

Chennai Deluge and its effects on life and business

Hope you enjoyed reading our blogs as much as we did presenting them to you, here’s wishing you all a very

Happy and a Prosperous New Year!!!

See you in 2016.