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No more ‘freeze’ for Frozen Food Market, Indians demand for more

Frozen food was a “not-so-popular” term in India until a decade ago, however, it has now managed to reach the racks of almost all super markets and hypermarkets of the country. The Indian frozen food market has been

Modern Technology, Drones to modify Indian Agriculture Industry

India is known as the second largest agricultural country in the world, rich in crops and cultivable land resources. The country boasts a rich layer of agricultural and farming fields spread across its length and breadth. Yet,

Drought – its causes and problems

Drought refers to that period in a year where there is scarcity of rain water which leads to dry and hot weather. The term drought is complex in nature. Drought can bring lots of physical change in

Cheese Manufacturing in the USA – Recent Insights

What is Wisconsin famous for? Well, citizens of the US or the ones who have been to the place would instantly shout out a word-CHEESE. The iconic state in America is known for its repeated record cheese

World’s Largest Milk Producing Country Celebrates it’s Milkman’s Birthday

India celebrates National Milk Day on Dr.Verghese Kurian’s Birthday 26th November, this day is special for the Indian dairy industry as it is the birthday of its founder Dr. Verghese Kurian-also kindly addressed as the “milkman of

Coffee Retail Outlets: A Brewing Business in India

Empty seats at coffee shops just because on a Monday or any weekday is a bygone story. The coffee culture in India seems to have picked up pace and it is no more just a weekend affair.

Indian Chocolate Industry growth to INR 122 bn by 2019

Indian markets seriously seem to run on the success path off late, especially after the power shift things look like they are changing this time it’s to the healthier side. The economy is growing as the trades

Maggi finally to be back, Nestle India planning a BIG RELAUNCH

The ban and recall of Maggi 2-minutes noodle is a well-known happening that has even turned into a subject of case study to handle crisis .However, after a massive loss of $67.42 million and all the legal

Now Nestle asked to pay 640 crores for “TASTE BHI, HEALTH BHI” Tagline

Just when the conditions were turning in favor of Nestle, a new hurdle seems to be mushrooming. In first of its actions; the Indian government has sought a “compensation” of 640 crores INR ($100 million) for its

Farmers in Abu Dhabi expect a production rise this year

Abu Dhabi and surrounding Gulf regions have shown extraordinary growths in the agriculture produces in the last few decades. This trend of increase in business and revenue from the farming industry is likely to continue even for