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Now Nestle asked to pay 640 crores for “TASTE BHI, HEALTH BHI” Tagline

Just when the conditions were turning in favor of Nestle, a new hurdle seems to be mushrooming. In first of its actions; the Indian government has sought a “compensation” of 640 crores INR ($100 million) for its

Farmers in Abu Dhabi expect a production rise this year

Abu Dhabi and surrounding Gulf regions have shown extraordinary growths in the agriculture produces in the last few decades. This trend of increase in business and revenue from the farming industry is likely to continue even for

Stalwarts of Indian Soft Drink Industry face the heat from Local Brands

The 65,ooo crore (INR) soft drink market in India has several categories that provide wide spread choices to its drinkers and hike up the competition level for the companies in the industry. Carbonated drinks segment is the

Maggi Row: the reputed Instant noodle brand faces exile in India

In a country of more than 1.25 billion people it is not that easy for a brand to go strong with its reputation for a span of 3 decades. Nestlé’s Maggi is one such brand which has

Flourishing Packed Juice Industry in India

Nectar Drinks account to a share of 10% of the market The practice of consuming real fruit juices exist in India since long. The country is known for its fresh fruit cultivations and the different sorts of

Cheers to the Indian Beer Industry

Beer market in India to grow by 20 times Beer is world’s oldest alcoholic beverage drink which is supposedly first prepared around 9500 BC. This is believed to be the era when cereals were first farmed. The

Indian HEAT and EAT Industry to multiple three times by 2019

Expanded shelf-life, better storage and distribution has helped the industry grow It is hard to believe that the ready to eat items were first launched in India in 1987, it is quite sure that not many of


TASTY SNACKS WITH MOUTHWATERING PROFITS Gone are the days when the Indian snacks market was dominated by a handful of imported manufacturers. Previously, it only consisted of a few western companies catering limited products like chips and

Packaged Bottled Water in India-Creating a Tsunami of Profits

Water for sale… a never ending market nation wide “Water” without an iota of doubt is the lifeline for any living being. There is a requirement of water content of a specific amount for all living things

World Soy Food Market to reach $ 42.3 billion by 2015

India produces 4% of the total global soy production Soy food commonly known as Soybeans is a rich source for high level energy as they are the topmost suppliers of Protein. There is a huge population around