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Hot Cross Buns Selling Like Hot Cakes: Rising Demand in Bakery Products

Old habits die hard. Even now whenever I see a bakery my mind replays a rhyme learnt in my childhood, Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One ha’ penny, two ha’ penny, Hot cross buns! Entering a

Organic Food Market Flourishes despite Slowdown

We are living in a health conscious world. From drinks to food everything has to be healthy. In this age where health and fitness is a priority for the people, organic food is a blessing in disguise.

Pet Owners Spoilt for Choice by Pet Food Industry

Most of the pet owners will agree that pet shopping is a more difficult task than grocery shopping. Shopping for a daughter or a son is relatively easy as they can tell you their tastes and preference,

Café Culture- A Magnet for Youngsters

Let’s meet up for a cup of coffee…I’m sure most of us could relate to this. Meeting up for a cup of coffee has become synonymous with cafe culture. Café culture was unknowingly popularized by F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the

Yogurt Industry to Thrive with a Number of Benefits

“Happy are those who stay fit and healthy”. This line has proved right from ancient times and yogurt is one of the essential dairy products which have more beneficial properties. When bacterial fermentation takes place on milk,

A Glimpse at Chocolate Industry – 2013 to 2018

Chocolate is the word for those people who have a sweet tooth and it is equally popular as a gifting option for birthdays and parties. Chocolate is a versatile gift for a variety of occasions and for

Changing Landscape of Baby Food Market

Gone are those days when baby food was a formula that was available in one flavor which was mixed in milk and fed. The options were limited and so was the demand for it. Baby food is

Give Food for Thought

Today is World Environment Day. I am sure most of us wouldn’t bother and realize and frankly speaking a leading daily’s green page caught my attention. UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) initiative World Environment Day is an

Coffee: A Morning Drink to Commercial Market

A sip of coffee in the morning/evening is like a fuel to our body and gives us energy to continue the day with a smile!! One of the most traded agricultural commodities and consumed drinks in the

Yogurt: A Breakfast Day Market

Back in the 18th century Yogurt was just a staple in the diets of the people, especially, in the parts of Europe and Asia. But, things changed when the company named “Danone” was formed in the year