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It’s time for XX chromosomes in the Manufacturing field

The global manufacturing sector across several industries has seen a changeover in its first quarter, that is; the rise in number of women working. In fact, if researchers are to be believed, the starting 3 months span

World Pet Food Market to be worth $74.8 billion by 2017

Cut throat competition expected within the segment in coming few years According to the newest research reports on pet food industry, it is expected that the global market for the segment will grow at a CAGR of

Humans would give up driving seats within the next decade: Google

Ever since the initial stages the Internet giant is working on an all automated driverless vehicle Amidst all ongoing news reports about the massively covered “driverless car concept” subject, the beginner of the technology Google Inc has
May 20, 2015

Global Automobile Industry Trends 2015

Driverless and other automation technologies are things to be watched in the auto industry Best sales figures in the automobile sector are one of the few good things that happened before the global economic downfall in 2008-09.
Apr 29, 2015

Most Likely Global Dangers in 2015

Risks can be basically divided into Geopolitical, Societal and Environmental 2015 has finally began and the world has lived through the first month (1st lap) of the year, now is the time of the annum where most

AUTOMOTIVE HUD (Head-Up Display) INDUSTRY TO REACH $8.3bn by 2020

HUD’s have multiple usage in automobiles, aviation, gaming and lot more HUD-Head-Up Display was first introduced in the year 1942 after the British military fighter planes as the pilots were finding it difficult to react over the
Dec 31, 2014

Indian Airport Sector to be worth $12.1 bn by 2017

IATA predicts a 31% global passenger increase by the end of 2017 The International Air Transport Association (IATA) in its airline industry forecast report for 2012-17 estimated that the global airline industry can expect around 3.91 bn

Oil Prices tumbling down….Is it GOOD or BAD for the World?

12/12/2014 saw the prices breach down to a 5 year low The constant dripping of oil rates have been moaning news for last few months. However, the initial reactions for the decrease were positive as most of
Dec 15, 2014

Indian textile industry to stitch business worth $ 220bn by 2020

Textile in India spinning yarns of profit The Indian textile industry contributes for about 30% of the total export volumes of India. It has a stamping share of 14% of the overall industrial production and involves a

AIR-CONDITIONING INDUSTRY to be worth $16bn by 2015

Emerging countries is witnessing a sharp 10% growth Post millennium year there was a talk that the air-conditioning (A/C) industry around the globe is coming to a rest as sales were estimated to go down and the