1 hotspot for every 20 users around the world will come up by 2018

INDIAN-TELECO*M-SUBCRIBERSLatest research studies under the telecom business in India have bought in fresh insights, the industry is all set to achieve twofold rise in its subscribers, according to the report on “Indian Telecom Service Market and Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”. The report in short, predicts a healthy, profitable future for the business sector which is assumed to be extremely competitive yet beneficial at least until 2018.

Doubling of the Subscribers, for sure:

According to the research report, the Indian telecom industry is ought to experience a doubling in number of its present subscribers. The same is projected to have an 11% CAGR (Compound Average Gross Rate) for the period from 2013-18. The redesigned telecom policies bought into practice by the Indian government is factored as the main encouragement due to which the entire industry is experiencing an upward curve.

The milestone “Broadband Policy” passed in the year 2004 was the kick-starter for the immensely profit making broadband service market that had green quarters across the period between 2003 and beyond. By 2012, India became the second largest telecom service industry in the globe in the terms of its surging subscriber counts and the mobile phone penetration which is still growing at an unpredictable rate. Therefore, the telecom business in India has become a strong contributor to the national economic growth. Fast adaptation of latest technologies has helped in raising the bar of service industry in telecom wherein providers are able to provide all the newest technologies that are possible.

Unprecedented growth rate:

Constant penetration in telecom industry at a progressive speed is pulling down the costs payable. Hence, the rates charged for the services are expected to drop massively in the coming years.

48% laptops, 36% smartphones and 10% tablets are connected to hotspots around the world


At present India has around 3,000 commercial Wi-Fi hotspots and there are no community hotspots as such. However, public hotspots are something which is ought to increase in an unprecedented manner. Commercial hotspots within the country will go beyond 2 million until 2018 and globally it is estimated to cross the 300 million mark from the current number of 47 million. Globally it is clocking a 1000% growth wherein, in India 7 times faster as compared to the world; hence Wi-Fi hotspots in India are set to clock an increase of 7000%.

Currently, there are 30 municipalities and 105 airports offering Wi-Fi services this number is expected to go beyond 400 municipalities by 2018 while not much of a rise is expected to happen in number of airports offering the service. This is mainly sighted to be because of the looming security issues nationwide. There would be 1 hotspot for every 20 people around the world by the end 2018.