Making Life Easy with Smart Speakers


My colleague is a great admirer of artificial intelligence and the latest addition to her smart home is the smart speaker. I asked her why you would need it, when you are controlling your home through your mobile phone. Proud to be a tech savvy, she explained, “It is far easier to manage with voice control than punching the instructions modes on your smart phone device.” Well, she was right; these smart devices do help manage work around the home, office etc, without the need to carry remote controls everywhere.

Why Smart Speakers?
Smart speaker is the newest hi-tech innovation in the field of audio systems, which has changed the way people use speakers. It is a wireless speaker powered by artificial intelligence virtual assistant and is facilitated by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless features. The smart speaker offers an edge to dominate consumer technology market over other substitute products and services. Global Smart Speaker Market is expected to be more than USD 18 Billion by the end of year 2024.

Making Life Easy with Smart Speakers

Smart speaker is a key assimilation of improved microphones, automated speech recognition software and natural language processing (NLP), which help smart speaker to identify and process the voice command of the user with absolute precision. Growing smart home devices demand, penetration of artificial intelligence and consumer demand for easy, portable, convenient and smart devices are some of the major factors, which are driving the growth of smart speakers market globally. Besides, collaborations and partnerships among the smart homemakers and manufacturers of smart speakers further expected to boost the smart speakers market over the upcoming years.
Life with Smart Speakers

Mobile phones are personalized devices, which is not accessible by everyone. Also with small screen space, it sometimes becomes difficult for users to search or navigate. In such cases, voice control devices allow the users to communicate using their preferred language to accomplish tasks faster.

Also known as voice assistants, this innovative technology has become an integral part of the home today. Besides using it for music streaming, these speakers serve as the command center for your connected home, such as switch on or off the lights, lock doors, control the thermostat etc. It also provides help with daily tasks like setting reminders, add items to your calendar, start a timer, translate words, find a recipe to cook, read news, provide a list of eateries in the area, recollect stored information, place a call from the contact list and so on, just on voice command.

However, the potential exploitation of consumers’ data privacy by the manufacturers of smart speakers and the threat of illegitimate cyber-attacks are among the major issues that would hinder the growth of smart speakers market, as smart speakers offer personalized service to their users by collecting and analyzing user’s data. On the basis of platform, global smart speaker market is segmented into Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Out of all, Amazon Alexa holds majority of market share in the global smart speaker market.

With the expansion in a number of industries, digital voice assistants become more sophisticated and useful for everyday use. Voice control is the new technology and ultimate experience. Organize your smart home and enjoy with voice automation. However this is only the beginning of voice technology, as we will see a major development in the interaction with the user in the coming years.