Now Microsoft Planning A Smartwatch, To Be In Markets Shortly


 SmartwatchIt seems to be a crazy race against time, wait or is it against technology? News is in the air that world’s biggest techie company Microsoft Corp is planning to enter the smart watch segment on the lanes of Samsung and Apple. Though not much is reveled about the product, it is said to be a competing one in the market and is sure to raise some attention in the already pouring market for the device.

Sources have information that the device can be expected in multiple configurations in order to be a device both premiums in mobile healthcare and also as a communication device. The main motto of the company as usual seems to make the device optimally user friendly.

The health tracking capabilities of the devices are expected to be standard with regards to a smart watch. It is sure to have the heart-rate monitoring system. The device is said to work across multiple mobile platforms such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. To top it the entire biggest plus to the smart watch is its battery. It is reported that the device is supposed to have the best battery life which would run for more than two days under regular usage.

Microsoft reportedly ready to launch smartwatch in weeks; it indicates a good strategy of the company to enter the market in the holiday season which is a perfect time to get customers to stores.