Middle East Dairy consumption grows by 50% in just 5 years

GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) names Saudi Arabia as the largest dairy market Production of dairy products is growing at a brisk rate and it is happening on a constant basis. Countries irrespective of their economic status –developed or developing kinds are paying strict attention to the investments and consumptions

Saudi Arabia Railways set to get a facelift

New railway routes worth SR365 billion to be operational by 2040 The first railway line with a narrow gauge in modern Saudi was operated between the Jordon border and Medina, this 1,050 mm long rail route was in operation from 1908 to 1915. After the introduction of this railway

Global Tile Industry to gross $ 92.78 billion by 2015

The economic regression days were hovering for most industries around the globe. Construction sector was one of the worst hit businesses that faced a complete dry phase both in India as well as aboard. Due to this slowdown many sub categories of the industry too were affected and faced

2014 a Milestone Year for Middle East Telecom Industry

Iran is the largest mobile market in terms of subscription Soon after touching the 200 million mark in mobile subscription, the Middle East region is now peaking to cross the 300 million. The sector as per the experts of the industry is likely to cross the mark by the

World Bricks Industry to Construct a $182.6 BN Market by 2015

Impressive Product Innovations and use of Sustainable Construction Technologies helping brick industry grow Brick is a single unit block of treated clay with a mixture of sand and lime which is fire hardened or air dried. This process of making bricks is also known as masonry construction. Production of

Get some Life in a Lively Place : Thailand

When we hear the name of the country “Thailand”, the first thing which comes to our mind is Tourism and the variety it offers to the tourists. There are diving sites, sandy beaches, tropical islands, varied nightlife, archaeological sites, museums, hill tribes, exceptional flora and bird life, palaces, Buddhist temples and

Green House Farming Reduces the Harvesting Period by Half

A greenhouse is a glass or plastic structure which is used for the cultivation and protection of plants. It is made with transparent materials and is big enough to cultivate plants under controlled environmental conditions to get finest growth and yield. Greenhouse farming provides a favorable environment for the