The “MUST KNOW” about Apple Watch Revealed

The Watches are expected to go for sales from 24th April, 2015 Amidst loads of chats and speculations finally the cat is out of the bag. Apple yesterday announced particulars about its much talked about product-The Apple Watch. Of course the atmosphere at the media event in San Francisco

3G network becomes conventional in Indian mobile Internet market

3G subscribers consume thrice the data consumed by their 2G counterparts Within few years of using Internet on mobile phones India has been able to convert the speed and upgrade it from 2G to 3G networks. Usage of web through cell phones (smartphones today) has become a thing of
Feb 27, 2015

Most Likely Trends from Technology Industry for 2015

The bygone year was an absolute important one for technology. There were too many essential innovations done resulting in new products, the tech industry was exposed to another level of smartness. “Wearable device technology is now a necessity from once being a fantasy.” This pattern of modernism is expected

Memory Card Market to Gross $ 21.3 Billion by 2018

Nowstore everything and anything you desire Technology has had multiple face changes since its evolution, completion of difficult activities, completing them within a limited time-frame and so on. In present day, one is able to go about anything from developing, designing and modifying a number of technologies for numerous