Music Industry- Singing the Blues and Genres of the Market

Sing your heart out! Music is the essence of life. It’s a string that ties the people and the world together. It touches the mind, heart and soul of the person. A euphony that just takes you to another world as it reaches your ear. Every culture, every society,

Global Mobile Services Market Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 2.26 % by the Year 2016

Have you noticed how many times you see a mobile service advertisement while surfing the net or TV, reading a newspaper. Sometimes the visibility is much more than that of a mobile phone. Every day thousands of people buy mobile phones and with that they buy various service providers.

We All Love Cereals: Traditional Breakfast Gets Replaced By Cereals

In this age of speed, no one wants to slow down. From Hi speed internet, cars, and trains to speedy breakfasts. Long leisurely breakfast has become a history, gone are those days when everyone enjoyed king sized breakfast before going to work. Researchers say breakfast is the most important

Entertainment & Media Industry: A Platform for Growth

There has been a tremendous expansion in the media and entertainment industry globally and Indian media is one of the fastest flourishing industry all over the world. The Entertainment Industry is bifurcated into different segments like TV, films, radio, music, animation etc. There has been a continuous advancement in

The Global Fast Food Market to be Valued at $331,840 Million by 2016

As the term itself suggests, fast food is something which can be prepared and served quickly over the counter or drive-through within minutes of placing the order. These type of food include French-fries, burgers, kebabs, Pizzas, soft-drinks etc. The major brands in the fast food industry are Pizza hut,