Indian Banking and Finance Sector gearing for a makeover

Bandhan Financial Services becomes first micro-financing institution to get Banking License  The Indian economy has been famous for its crisis withstanding capacities (2008 global economic downfall-a great example). According to RBI (Reserve Bank of India) also known as the Central Bank Authority of the nation indicates that the banking

5 Trends ruling the Global Travel and Tourism Industry in 2015

The bygone year was a mixed bag of events for the world travel and tourism industry as both good and bad took place. Travel websites like, and many more had a profitable business annual yet there were a few troubles as the airline industry suffered few crashes

Humans would give up driving seats within the next decade: Google

Ever since the initial stages the Internet giant is working on an all automated driverless vehicle Amidst all ongoing news reports about the massively covered “driverless car concept” subject, the beginner of the technology Google Inc has come out with some fresh developments. The company seems to be gearing
May 20, 2015

Now Google Plans to enter the telecom sector, in talks with operators

The global telecom industry may see a massive explosive change in a few months from now if the grapevine is to be trusted. There are unconfirmed reports that GOOGLE is planning to enter the telecom industry on a global platform and for the same there are attempts of discussion

Telematics Industry in India: Growth and Opportunities

Growing crimes on the move is increasing the need for Auto Telematics in India Telematics is a technology that includes computers and wireless telecommunications allegedly to communicate information over several networks. These include vehicular technologies, road safety and transportation networks, electrical engineering systems and of course the Internet connectivity

4 Must Watch Developments of the Tech Industry for 2015

Every year we all expect something new, something big from the TECHNOLOGY industry, thoughtfully it does turn up to be that way. The year 2014 was a great one when the new level in smartphone technology was achieved, personalized viewing and security have got a kick start and of
Jan 19, 2015

Most Likely Trends from Technology Industry for 2015

The bygone year was an absolute important one for technology. There were too many essential innovations done resulting in new products, the tech industry was exposed to another level of smartness. “Wearable device technology is now a necessity from once being a fantasy.” This pattern of modernism is expected

LED Lighting System- an option to be explored

Lighting industry to undergo a brighter makeover Hotel industry is the largest in the USA, according to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) a capital of around $7.5 billion is spent on lighting process alone. This accounts to $2,200 for each room and this is applicable for all the

Retailing Industry to Uplift the Shopping Craze

Global Retail Market to Reach $10 Trillion Mark Soon The line of difference between the Global E-commerce market and the Global Retail market is fast vanishing. All of these are set to venture into a sea space of online marketing where the online activities will carry the industry at

Crucial Retail Banking Trends 2014

Banking world undergoes a makeover Couple of years in the recent past has been havoc for world economies. Giant financially armed countries had to manage a situation of hand to mouth which was getting tougher with every sunset. This condition spread to all countries of the globe and was