Switch to Eco-Friendly, How About Start with Electric Vehicles?


What are you actually looking for when buying a new car – safety, engine, manufacturer, latest features, cost and operational savings, environment friendly? My friend threw a list of questions when I told him my intention of buying a vehicle for myself. While the options were thoughtful, I got confused with the last one – environment? Why would anyone think about it? He advised me why not go for an electric vehicle (EV) as it gives all the benefits of a car, along with doing some good for our surroundings. The idea was unquestionably good, inspiring me to think further.

Buying a new car is an important investment and we often involve a lot of time in research, reviews and test drives before settling for one. To support the adoption of plug-in electric vehicle, several national governments and local authorities around the world are introducing policy driven incentives such as purchase rebates, tax exemptions and credits, and additional perks that range from access to bus lanes to waivers on fees. Although EVs are still rare, the movement is gaining a grip as consumers become aware of the many benefits the new technology offers. Definitely there is a lot more for us, than just the opportunity to help the planet.

Switch to Eco-Friendly How About Start with Electric Vehicles

Benefits of buying electric vehicles:
By switching to an electric car, you can save more than just fuel costs. As the price of petrol continues to rise, EVs are rising as an answer to the problem of declining resources.
Rather than waiting in a queue at the fuel station, imagine the convenience of charging up your car from the charging stations installed in the basement of your home or car parking.
Safe and secure – Some electric car models have been tested and declared safer than the models with fuel engines. Also keeping the economical design in mind, EVs can offer a quiet and smooth driving experience, without the additional costs of petrol and quarterly services.
Air pollution – With traffic pollution having a severe impact on the environment, some EVs and charging points are much more eco-friendly than others, for instance making use of solar power. Also burning fuel releases toxic gases into the air, but with electric cars we can surely steer towards a cleaner future.

So how safe and helpful are EVs to the environment?
The move from traditional fuel powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) has been a slow but steady course. With new-age innovation and environmental awareness, EVs have been termed as safer, sleeker and more exciting to drive. However some tech savvy consumers are still keeping a watch on the shifting trends and asking for more information before adopting the new technology.

EVs can help reduce pollution and offer a sustainable way to get around, provided the electricity production is also clean and not created from fossil fuels. With the effects of climate change and news of reaching the peak of world oil extraction, many countries such as France, Norway and the UK are at the stage of replacing cars powered by fossil fuel before 2050. But how will it help the environment, if EVs are charged using electricity generated from the same old fossil fuels?

As EVs become more common, the idea of rechargeable battery will be more efficient, as it will reduce the need to extract new materials to produce new batteries. Ultimately consumers gain social pride and responsibility from creating a better and healthier planet. For all of these reasons and more, EVs have caught the attention of car and bike lovers. Just like electric cars, there are electric bikes or e-bikes on the roads. With the use of nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium cell, or lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries these bikes are offering various benefits such as, comfort and economical, easier to use, improves blood sugar control etc. However some factors such as high cost associated with e-bike and limited number of charging stations are posing as a hindrance.

Just because there are a variety of features, it doesn’t mean they have to be awe-inspiring. Doing a bit of research into different models, will help you make an accurate decision moving forward. With innovative technologies at hand and the need to reduce dependency on our depleting oil reserves, we are going to see new EVs from a huge range of manufacturers. This will persuade the charging infrastructure to grow even more quickly, and it will not be long before a car’s fuel will become a non-issue.