Top Global Trends in Technology for 2016


Global Technology 20162015 in terms of technology has proved to be an eventful year. Tech companies have been capable of inventing devices that would promote into doing anything and everything, literally. 3D printing and iWatch are stated as the highlight of the year; not to forget the drones and self-driving cars which are on their way. All of these and more will be coming up into the mainstream by 2016 and hence there’s a lot to watch out for from the technology segment in the New Year.

The following are the most likely events that might happen in tech for 2016.

Smart Devices will get Smarter-

Think you have seen all of it in smart devices? Wait, think again. There’s a lot to follow as your smart devices are just the beginning to the much smarter era which is likely to follow. Tech devices will get more intelligent and will be used further extensively as they will be upgrades in terms of different language through the language processing technology. Extremely easy to use applications and Internet of Things (IOT) will flip the way we use online services and several technologies. Devices will get further sensor operative and will be built to provide much accurate data at a quicker speed. The device mesh is the new thing which will happen in 2016. There are different devices that we use both personally and professionally, a mesh of these devices is possible in the coming year which will turn the accessing and usage process much easier than what it is now.

Rise and rise of Apps-

Even the tiniest of business requires an online application, yes an APP. The days of having and exhibiting your fancy business website have flown, this is the age of mobile devices and every one of us wants to have thing by a swipe of our smartphone screens. Mobile apps will continue to rule further in 2016, it might slow down in the future (by 2020) as the cloud technology is bringing up the virtual assistance but that will take time. For the immediate phase at least, it is the applications have the say for business and personal uses. It has already proved to be the right way to stay connected and conduct different activities online. According to a research study, around 76% of the travel companies haven’t fully optimized their websites for mobile operations. Hence, it is a proof enough to show how underused the application industry is at present. 2016 is likely to get the industry fly higher with new, smarter developments which will make using apps simpler.

Information on Everything (Data mines)-

According to the forecasters, data on literally every topic will be generated on about 25 billion devices worldwide by 2020. Hence, 2016 will be a very important year for the makings of data industry. Experts indicate that this could turn as a whammy situation as an unimaginable heap of information and data on several things will get piled up and the Internet sources will be facing a challenge of bringing up the most germane results as and when demanded. In other words, competition between search engines will see new levels.

Mobile Technologies will improve, Especially Wearables and others will grow-

People demanding information on things through different devices is constantly growing around the world. We today like to have data straight from our convenient devices (smartphones, smartwatches etc). This trend will grow in 2016 and by the end of 2025 the global count of people connected through wearable technology will cross 385 million. The wearables are estimated to be massive alternatives to smartphones, 50% of technology users believe it to be the main future source that will monitor complete health condition with the assistance of implantable devices. 72% mark wearables as major source of the in-store shopping in the times to come. Moreover, the technology is trusted to be a big contributor into the findings and developments of clean energy- 2016 is likely to be the start of the Bio batteries which will be the product of kinetic energy produced by the users of wearable technology.

Wearable Industry:

Annual Smartwatches shipment is calculated to be worth $94.9 million by 2020. In 2015, the total units of smartwatches shipped are estimated to be around 11 million.

A CAGR of 71% is worked out for the period 2013-20. Further developments and better sensor active devices and stiff competition is ought to bring the prices crashing. This in turn will increase the consumer demands and will throw open wider options for the users.

Wearables will actively enter Smart fashion & Smart health categories, overall business to cross $19 bn by 2018


Government acts:

Virtual Reality:

At present Virtual Reality (VR) is only related to video games but its developers and the subject experts know that it is much more than just the gaming industry. 2016 will see further developments and enhancing of VR, Augmented Reality (AR) which is already named as the “next big thing” will come to greater implementation. The VR industry worldwide is expected to experience a CAGR of a whopping 96% for 2014-19.

Robots will finally come to the party-

After years of research and development, robotic technology will finally come to usage in 2016 (most likely). The involvement of robots will not be much but it will finally start rolling as Google has begun the trials of its driverless vehicles and drone technology. Going by a study the total cost in the Information Technology (IT) industry is predicted to go down by 60% by 2017, thanks to the autonomics products and services.

Other technologies like smart homes, advanced machinery learning and cybercrime are most likely in the coming year. Therefore, 2016 is expected to be equally exciting for the technology industry.

So get set to live the advanced techie lifestyle.