Adultifying Sugar Confectionery

 Published On: Jun, 2015 |    No of Pages: 30 |  Published By: Canadean | Format: PDF
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This report outlines key opportunities for the category to target older, adult consumers by using insight from Canadean Consumer's recent global surveys. It pinpoints untapped potential for driving growth in the sugar confectionery sector by identifying new consumption occasions and key adult consumer segments to target.


• Includes proprietary data from Canadean Consumer's global surveys conducted across 25 markets.

• Offers insight into opportunities for the sugar confectionery category to move beyond its child-centric focus to new consumer targets (i.e. adults).

• Provides an understanding of different routes to "adultify" sugar confectionery.

• Offers inspiration from case studies and product examples that showcase best-in-class innovations in products targeting older consumers.

Reasons To Buy

• Does consumption of sugar confectionery vary by age? What opportunities does this open up?

• How can manufacturers attract older disengaged consumers to the sugar confectionery category?

• What are the opportunities to broaden usage occasions for sugar confectionery?

• How can the category respond to the needs of different adult consumer groups?

Key Highlights

Regular consumers of appearance-enhancing foods eat sugar confectionery more often than average consumers. This opens up opportunities for the category to deliver "beauty from within."

Millennials value sugar confectionery brands that complement their individuality and lifestyle interests. Half of global sugar confectionery consumers aged 18–34 agree that being fashionable is important to them.

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