Worldwide Supply Chain Analysis: 2015 LCD TV Panel Industry

 Published On: Apr, 2015 |    No of Pages: 21 |  Published By: Market Intelligence center | Format: PDF
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As a major application for large-sized panels, LCD TV is the only end product enjoying shipment growth in 2014. Therefore, LCD TV panels have been given priority during vendors' production capacity and product specification planning. This report begins with the status of global LCD TV panel shipments, followed by an analysis of driver IC shipments, a key component for LCD TV panels, and panel vendors' customer portfolios. Analysis of Chinese panel makers' production capacity plans and future development is provided in the conclusion.

Table of Contents
1. Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipments
1.1 Production Volume
1.2 Shipment Value and ASP
1.3 Shipment Area
2. LCD TV Panel Product Portfolios
2.1 Distribution of Panel Size
2.2 Average Panel Size
2.3 Resolution
3. Development of Driver ICs
3.1 Vendors and Products
3.2 Shipment Performance
3.3 LCD TV Panel Supply Chain
4. Key Players' Production Capacity Plans
4.1 BOE
4.2 CSOT
4.3 CEC-Panda
MIC Perspective
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Topics
- Review of the worldwide LCD TV panel shipments in 2014 and forecast for 2015, touching on the shipment volume, shipment value and ASP (overall and by country), and shipment surface area by country
- Overview of the industry's product portfolios, including panel shipment share by size and by resolution as well as average panel size by country and by maker
- Brief review of driver IC suppliers' development, including their shipment performance and customer portfolios
- Key panel makers' production capacity plans, touching on the planned production capacity of BOE, CSOT, and CEC-Panda

List of Tables
Table 1 Key Driver IC Suppliers and their Customer Portfolios
Table 2 Planned Production Capacity of BOE's Fabs
Table 3 Planned Production Capacity of CSOT's Fabs
Table 4 Planned Production Capacity of CEC-Panda's Fabs

List of Figures
Figure 1 Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipment Volume, 2011 - 2015
Figure 2 Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipment Share by Country, 2011 - 2015
Figure 3 Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipment Value and ASP by Country, 2011 - 2015
Figure 4 Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipment Area by Country, 2010 - 2015
Figure 5 Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipment Share by Size, 2010 - 2015
Figure 6 Average LCD TV Panel Sizes by Country, 2010 - 2014
Figure 7 Worldwide Panel Vendors' Average LCD TV Panel Sizes, 2010 - 2014
Figure 8 Worldwide LCD TV Panel Shipment Share by Resolution, 2011 - 2015
Figure 9 Comparison of RGB and RGBW Panels by Sub-pixel Arrangement, Resolution, and Sub-pixel Numbe
Figure 10 Worldwide Market Share by Panel Vendor, 2014

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