India Electronics Industry 1H12

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India: Electronics covers the sector overview, sectror size, competitive landscape and enviromental scanning for India. It also covers the market trends and outlook, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, computer hardware and peripherals, communication and broadcasting equipments, strategic electronics, electronic components and industry forecast, plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Videocon Industries Limited , HCL Infosystems Limited and Bharat Electronics Limited.


Indian economy saw a period of slowdown in fiscal year 2012. The country recorded a GDP growth of 5.3% in the fourth quarter which was its worst performance in the last nine years. Indian electronics industry also suffered a minor slowdown but managed to record a y/y growth of 10%. The production turnover of the industry grew at a CAGR of more than 15% in the last six years and is expected to cross INR 1.5 tn by the end of fiscal year 2013. 

The country was low in terms of electronic equipment manufacturing ranking around 1.5% of the total world production. According to Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), more than 50% demand for electronics in the country was met through imports and the figure is expected to rise to 75% by 2020.  Government of India is undertaking several initiatives to promote domestic manufacturing of electronic equipment. Under the Draft National Policy on Electronics (NPE), the Government has targeted for creation an eco-system for a globally competitive electronic system design and manufacturing sector in the country, in order to achieve a production turnover of about USD 400 Bn by 2020. The policy also targets investment of about USD 100 Bn and employment to around 28 mn people at various levels of the industry.  

All six major sub-sectors of Indian electronics industry saw growth in production turnover during the fiscal year 2012. Highest growth was recorded by the electronic components and communication equipment sub-sector, while consumer electronics was slightly subdued compared to past few years. However, rising costs of raw materials and persistent inflation was negatively affecting the profitability of the sector. Major domestic players in the industry recorded a significant decline in their profit margins during the year.

The outlook for Indian electronics is positive owing to the huge domestic demand and supply gap and double digit production growth rate in almost all of its sub-sectors. The increasing population and growing per capita income will increase the size of this industry in the years to come.  

1. Industry Profile 

1.1 Sector Overview 

1.2 Sector Size 

1.3 Competitive Landscape 

1.4 Environmental Scanning 

1.5 Recent Developments in the industry 

2. Market Trends and Outlook 

2.1 Key Economic Indicators-India 

2.2 Consumer Electronics 

2.3 Industrial Electronics 

2.4 Computer Hardware and Peripherals 

2.5 Communication and Broadcasting Equipments 

2.6 Strategic Electronics 

2.7 Electronic Components 

2.8 Industry Forecast 

3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix 

3.1 Leading Players 

3.1.1 Videocon Industries Limited 

3.1.2 HCL Infosystems Limited 

3.1.3 Bharat Electronics Limited 

3.2 Comparative Matrix 

3.3 SWOT Analysis 

1 USD= 55.69 INR (August 30, 2012)

4. Tables & Charts

Table 1: Sub-sectors of Indian Electronics Hardware Industry

Table 2: Key Objectives under the Draft National Policy on Electronics-2011

Table 3: Union Budget Highlights for Electronics Sector

Table 4: India-Key Economic Indicators 

Table 5: Policy on Strategic Electronics in Draft National Policy on Electronics

Table 6: Market Share of Videocon in Different Consumer Appliance Segments

Table 7: Financial Highlights of Videocon Industries in Last four Years

Table 8: Financial Highlights of HCL Infosystems in Last Four Years

Table 9: Financial Highlights of BEL in Last Four Years

Table 10: Balance Sheet Parameters-Consolidated

Table 11: Valuation Matrix


Chart 1: Electronic Hardware Exports from India

Chart 2: India's Share in World Electronic Equipments Production 

Chart 3: World Electronics Production by Sub-sectors

Chart 4: Electronic Hardware Production by Value

Chart 5: Electronic Hardware Production by Sub-sectors

Chart 6: Cumulative FDI in Electronics Sector since January 2000

Chart 7: Position of Constituent Parties in Lower House of Parliament 

Chart 8: GNI per Capita, Atlas method

Chart 9: Quarterly GDP Growth Rate

Chart 10: Average Monthly USD to INR Exchange Rate 

Chart 11: GDP by Sector

Chart 12: Consumer Electronics Production by Value

Chart 13: Consumer Electronics Exports from India

Chart 14: Flat Panel TV Market Share by Shipments

Chart 15: Smartphone Market Share by Unit Sales

Chart 16: Industrial Electronics Production by Value

Chart 17: Industrial Electronics Exports from India

Chart 18: Computer Hardware Production by Value

Chart 19: Computer Hardware Exports from India

Chart 20: Personal Computer Imports by Value

Chart 21: Personal Computer Market Share by Unit Sales

Chart 22: Communication and Broadcasting Equipment Production 

Chart 23: Communication and Broadcasting Equipments Exports

Chart 24: Number of Mobile Cellular Subscribers

Chart 25: Telecom Equipment Market Share by Annual Revenues

Chart 26: Strategic Electronics Production by Value

Chart 27: Electronic Components Production by Value

Chart 28: Electronic Component Exports from India

Chart 29: Demand for Electronic Components by Sectors

Chart 30: Distribution of Electronic Components Market 

Chart 31: Forecast for Production Turnover of Electronics Industry

Chart 32: Forecast for Export Turnover of Electronics Industry

Chart 33: Videocon Industries Limited- Shareholding

Chart 34: Videocon Industries Q1 Financial Highlights

Chart 35: HCL Infosystems Limited-Shareholding

Chart 36: Business Segments of HCL Infosystems

Chart 37: HCL Infosystems Financial Highlights

Chart 38: Bharat Electronics Limited-Shareholding

Chart 39: Business Segments of BEL by Annual Revenue Share

Chart 40: BEL Financial Highlights

Chart 41: PAT Margin of Leading Players

Chart 42: Interest Cost as a Percentage of Annual Sales

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