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The Israel Defense Industry - Defense Procurement Market Dynamics to 2017: Market Profile

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Published Date: Nov, 2012
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 14
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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents


This report provides in-depth information on the dynamics of Israel defense procurement and trend analysis of imports and exports. The figures are based on trend indicator values (TIV) expressed in US$ million at constant (1990) prices. Although figures are expressed in US$, TIVs do not represent the financial value of goods transferred. Rather, TIVs are an indication of the volume of arms transferred.


The Israel Defense Industry - Defense Procurement Market Dynamics to 2017: Market Profile is an essential source of information on imports and exports by key segments covering the defense industry in Israel.

Israel has a highly developed domestic defense industry, which will be able to support the country’s requirements should an arms embargo take place. The majority of the nation’s domestic defense production is exported, in particular to Asian markets.

Reasons To Buy

The Israel Defense Industry - Defense Procurement Market Dynamics to 2017: Market Profile allows you to:
• Gain insight into industry import and export dynamics.
• Analyse trends of imports and exports, together with their implications and impact on the Israel defense industry.
• Critically assess the investment opportunities available in the Israel defense industry.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1. What is this Report About?
1.2. Definitions
1.3. Summary Methodology
1.4. SDI Terrorism Index
1.5. About Strategic Defence Intelligence (
2 Defense Procurement Market Dynamics
2.1. Import Market Dynamics
2.1.1. US accounts for over 93% of Israeli defense imports
2.1.2. Israel imported US$76 million of defense goods in 2011
2.1.3. Aircraft account for the majority of Israeli defense imports
2.2. Export Market Dynamics
2.2.1. Israel exports 75% of its domestic defense production
2.2.2. Sensors, armored vehicles, missiles are the most exported defense goods
2.2.3. Turkey and India emerge as the largest consumer of Israeli defense goods
3 Appendix
3.1. Contact Us
3.2. About SDI
3.3. Disclaimer

List of Figures

Figure 1 : Israeli Arms Imports by Country, 2007–2011
Figure 2: Israel Defense Imports TIV Value (US$ Million), 2007–2011
Figure 3: Israeli Defense Imports by Category (%), 2007–2011
Figure 4 : Israeli Defense Exports by Value (US$ million), 2007–2011
Figure 5 : Israeli Defense Exports by Category (%), 2007–2011
Figure 6 : Israeli Defense Exports by Country (%), 2007–2011

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