China Solid Waste Disposal Industry Report, 2013

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China solid waste disposal industry was chiefly featured by the followings between 2012 and 2013.

Firstly, disposal scale continued growing: in 2012, the amount of household garage clear-up in urban regions of China rose by 4.15% year-on-year to 170 million tons; the volume of harmless garbage disposal grew by 10.7% year-on-year to 145 million tons; in 2012, the industrial solid waste output in China increased by 1.94% year-on-year to 3.29 billion tons.

Secondly, Incineration disposal occupied a growing proportion in the structure of household waste disposal in urban regions of China, with the proportion up from 5.55% in 2004 to 24.74% in 2012. As of late 2012, China had 138 garbage incineration plants in urban regions, a year-on-year rise of 29 ones over 2011, with the disposal capacity jumping by 30.32% year-on-year to 123,000 tons/day, and the amount of disposal soaring by 37.89% year-on-year to 35.84 million tons.

Thirdly, leading industrial players strove to expand solid waste disposal business thanks to the industrial boom.

Sound Environmental Resources Co., the leader in domestic solid waste disposal field, with businesses covering the whole range of the solid waste disposal industry chain. With engineering contracting as its major business pattern, the company’s revenue from solid waste disposal engineering business hit RMB727 million in H1 2013, up 15.91% year-on-year, or accounting for 70.22% of its total revenue. In Feb. 2014, it announced five outbound investment projects: Biqing Bio-Technology (Bijie) involving in kitchen waste disposal, Hubei Sound Environmental Protection involving in recycling project development, Weixian County Sound Environmental Protection involving in incineration field, Hunan Sound Sludge Treatment referring to sludge project and Changyi Zhimei Environmental Sanitation relating to sanitation project development field.

In Jan.2014, Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co., Ltd will make a buy-back of 40% stake of Shanghai Environment Group as a move to consolidate its comprehensive strength in solid waste disposal business. Since 2012, the solid waste disposal business of the company has sustained rapid development; in 2013H1, the company’s revenue of the business increased by 18.54% year-on-year to RMB246 million.

In Dec.2013, Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd was set to take over 100% stake of C & G (China) as a move to realize its disposal capacity approaching 15,000 tons. The acquisition, moreover, will make the company get rid of regional limitation, stretching its business from Nanhai of Guangdong Province towards all across China. In H1 2013, the revenue of the company from solid waste disposal business went up by 22.28% year-on-year to RMB138 million, with the proportion up from 4.38% in 2007 to 31.09%.

The report highlights the followings:

1. status quo of household garbage disposal industry in urban regions of China, including analysis on the overall generation and disposal amount, three major disposal technologies, regional distribution, market competition pattern;
2. status quo of industrial solid waste disposal industry in China, including analysis on the generation amount and three major disposal technologies;
3. analysis on China solid waste disposal equipment industry, including overall output and regional distribution;
4. 14 key solid waste disposal enterprises in China, including operation, solid waste disposal business, and major investment projects, development strategies.

1. Development Environment of China Solid Waste Disposal Industry
1.1 Background
1.2 Policy Environment

2. Development of Urban Household Garbage Disposal in China
2.1 Overview
2.1.1 Output
2.1.2 Disposal Volume
2.1.3 Disposal Technology
2.2 Landfill Technology
2.3 Composting Technology
2.4 Incineration Technology
2.4.1 Development in Overseas Market
2.4.2 Development Course in China
2.4.3 Operating Indicators
2.4.4 Operation Model
2.4.5 Technology Route
2.5 Regional Analysis
2.5.1 Number of Plants
2.5.2 Disposal Capacity
2.5.3 Disposal Volume
2.5.4 Disposal Rate
2.6 Competion among Enterprises
2.6.1 Layout in Industrial Chain
2.6.2 Profitability

3. Development of Industrial Solid Waste Disposal in China
3.1 Output
3.2 Disposal Technology

4. Development of Solid Waste Disposal Equipment in China
4.1 Output
4.2 Regional Distribution

5. Key Enterprises
5.1 Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Revenue Structure
5.1.4 Gross Margin
5.1.5 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.1.6 R&D Expense and Projects
5.1.7 Acquisition and Cooperation
5.1.8 Competitive Advantage
5.1.9 Performance Forecast
5.2 Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co., Ltd
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Revenue Structure
5.2.4 Gross Margin
5.2.5 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.2.6 Major Projects
5.2.7 Clients
5.2.8 Business Transformation
5.2.9 Performance Forecast
5.3 Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Business
5.3.3 Operation
5.3.4 Revenue Structure
5.3.5 Gross Margin
5.3.6 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.3.7 Acquisition on C & G (China)
5.3.8 Performance Forecast
5.4 China Everbright International Limited
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.4.4 Performance Forecast
5.5 Anhui Shengyun Machinery Co., Ltd
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Revenue Structure
5.5.4 Gross Margin
5.5.5 R&D Expense and Clients
5.5.6 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.5.7 Performance Forecast
5.6 Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area Co., Ltd
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Revenue Structure
5.6.4 Gross Margin
5.6.5 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.6.6 Clients
5.6.7 Performance Forecast
5.7 Hangzhou Jinjiang Group
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.8 Zhejiang Weiming Environmental Protection Co., Ltd
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Development Course
5.8.3 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.9 Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Industry Group Co., Ltd
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Development Course
5.9.3 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.10 Shenzhen Energy Environment Co., Ltd
5.11 Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd
5.12 Jiangsu T.Y. Environmental Protection & Energy Co., Ltd.
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Operation
5.12.3 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.12.4 IPO
5.13 China Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Group
5.13.1 Profile
5.13.2 Solid Waste Disposal Business
5.14 Hangzhou New Century Energy Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.
5.14.1 Profile
5.14.2 Solid Waste Disposal Business

6. Market Summary and Development Forecast
6.1 Market Summary
6.2 Development Forecast
6.2.1 Urban Household Garbage Disposal
6.2.2 Industrial Solid Waste Disposal

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