Financial Instruments Tax and Accounting Review

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Financial Instruments Tax and Accounting Review (FITAR) will give you timely and topical coverage of all the most important issues affecting the taxation of financial instruments. It provides up-to-date and in-depth analysis of all the key areas which affect you including changes to forex, financial instruments and loan relationships regulation, double tax relief, and corporation tax reform. Nothing will be spared as you are briefed on key developments which could dramatically affect your business.

Product Description

"Excellent technical and presentational standards" (Bill Sandford, Group Tax Director, Zurich Financial Services)

  • Your one-stop resource giving revealing insights into the latest tax and treasury developments affecting financial instruments
  • Editorial panel from leading financial and legal firms
  • This is essential reading for all tax and treasury specialists.
When you subscribe, you will be briefed on the latest revenue proposals so you can prepare strategies to cater for them. You will be given industry news and updates on your competitors' activities so you get a flavour of the latest trends in the use of financial instruments. You will be provided with a practical explanation of key tax and accounting issues so that you do not miss out on any technical nuances. And you will be given technical detail presented in an accessible and easy-to-read format, allowing you to get to the heart of the matter easily and take informed decisions of relevance.

FITAR offers:
  • A one-top resource for key tax and accounting issues 
  • Essential reading for all tax and treasury specialists
  • Expert commentary and industry news delivered to your desk in an efficient and timely format 
Whether you are an accountant, tax adviser or lawyer working in this area, you know only too well how important it is that the advice you give to clients is current and up to date. A subscription to FITAR means you will always know about the latest changes and how they apply to your case load before and as they happen.

If you work in industry as a finance director, financial manager, tax manager, corporate treasurer or corporate lawyer, you will find that FITAR will keep you abreast of legal and regulatory developments, allowing you to be sure that you continue to operate within the law and avoid potential prosecution. When you subscribe you will always be up to date and feel confident that whatever strategy you implement, it will be backed up by a full working knowledge of all relevant issues in this area.

The emphasis with FITAR is on quality not quantity. The insights provided by FITAR give you a quick, clear and authoritative overview that will save you time and research effort, allowing you to work more efficiently for your business and your clients.

If the above report does not have the information suitable for your business, we can provide custom research that can be lucrative for your business or enhance your profession.