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Failure Case Study: Carlsberg Beo

03 Feb 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
Summary This study explores how products can fail through a lack of clarity in brand messaging and product positioning. Brand guardians can significantly benefit from developing an in-depth understanding of the reasons for the success or failure of new product launches or marketing campaigns.Key Fin...
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Failure Case Study: Nestea Iced Tea in China

02 Feb 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
Summary Chinese consumers are experimental when it comes to RTD tea purchases and consumption, and FMCG companies in China are keen to innovate in their food and drink products. A market fueled by innovation is a threat to brands that stand still, but at the same time offers profitable opportunities...
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India Wine Market Overview

02 Feb 2016  |  Published by:  Bonafide Research
The India wine industry has extended significantly over the years. Indians, comparative to other Western countries, barely consume wine; they prefer to have liquor which has a higher percentage of alcohol. But changing habits of Indians in drinking have, among other things, changed fortunes of...
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Hot Drinks: Identifying the latest trends for beverage manufacturers in the hot drinks industry

31 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
Summary Hot drinks are a regular part of consumers’ diets, however, generally the category risks being considered old-fashioned and boring, or appealing only to connoisseurs. Other opportunities exist to launch premium products in the market. Genuinely innovative products, such as those featuring...
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Adding Value Through Packaging: Alcoholic Beverages ; Using Pack-Track to identify pack formats and features that make a brand worth paying more for

29 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
Summary The alcoholic beverages sector has seen some notable packaging innovations recently in terms of sensory appeal, improved convenience, and added functionality. This report was compiled using Canadean's Pack-Track packaging innovation tool to identify new packaging developments within the ca...
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Global Maple Water Market 2016-2020

20 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Technavio
About Maple WaterMaple water is the sap extracted from maple trees. It is a natural source of hydration and nutrients and is naturally filtered from maple trees. The maple sap is usually harvested in the spring season as stem pressure in maple is dependent on temperature — many freeze–thaw cycles ar...
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Global Yogurt Drinks Market 2016-2020

20 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Technavio
About Yogurt DrinksYogurt drinks have a reduced solid content compared to yogurt and are consumed as a beverage with added sugar and fruit flavored syrups. Yogurt drinks are consumed mainly for the health benefits associated with their consumption.Yogurt drinks are popular around the globe and in 20...
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Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in the United Arab Emirates

20 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Euromonitor
There is a growing attraction towards the United Arab Emirates as a prominent holiday destination and commerce centre, with a growing numbers of tourists and business professionals arriving from all over the world. Growth within fine wines/champagne and spirits remained stable in 2015 and was again ...
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Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Taiwan

20 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Euromonitor
Influenced by Japanese culture, drinking after work to discuss business and gift giving on special occasions are common in traditional Taiwanese industry. In order to make clients happy, fine wines/champagne and spirits are the best choices for such occasions. Expenses on drinking and gift giving to...
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Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Thailand

20 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Euromonitor
Fine wines/champagne and spirits registered value sales of Bt3 billion in 2015, experiencing 7% current value growth. Demand and consumption of alcoholic drinks in Thailand is shrinking due to unsupportive factors. A significant excise tax increase is having a serious impact, holding back demand for...
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Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Ukraine

20 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Euromonitor
The crisis which started in Ukraine at the end of 2014 negatively affected fine wines/champagne and spirits. First, the crisis led to a decline in the real incomes of the population, and thus the number of people who consumed luxury alcoholic drinks decreased, as for most of them the prices of fine ...
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Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits in Hong Kong, China

19 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Euromonitor
In 2015, Hong Kong has continued its growth as a regional wine trading and distribution hub. Since the government’s abolishment of import duty on wine in 2008, the city has grown into a leading import and export centre for luxury alcohol. Services and facilities catering to wine connoisseurs, avid c...
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Failure: Dr Pepper TEN; The difficulties facing 'not quite diet' carbonated soft drinks

19 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  Canadean
Summary Carbonated soft drinks face an increasingly hostile environment, with consumer health concerns continuing to pressure sales across the board. This includes the diet segment, with consumers being lost to non-soda categories both on health grounds and due to perceptions that diet sodas are e...
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Global Wine Industry Report 2016

18 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  QYResearch
The Global Wine Industry Report 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Wine industry.Firstly, the report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The Wine market analysis is provided fo...
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Russia: Ethyl Alcohol - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020

15 Jan 2016  |  Published by:  IndexBox Marketing Ltd.
The report provides an in-depth analysis of the Russian Market of Ethyl Alcohol. It presents the latest data of the market size and volume, domestic production, exports and imports, price dynamics and turnover in the industry. The report shows the sales data, allowing you to identify the key driver...
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