Treating Refractory Hematological Malignancies - Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML): Emerging Therapeutics

 Published On: Aug, 2013 |    No of Pages: 37 |  Published By: MP Advisors | Format: PDF
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The report provides an overview of the approved therapies for AML, MDS, unmet need and limitations of the current SOC for relapsed and refractory pts. The report highlights the competition and commercial opportunity in pursuing this therapy area – Comprehensive list of the early and late stage drugs in the clinic, their MoA and the companies developing them.

Detailed financial and competitive analysis of the companies leading in the race to launch new therapies for this indication – Ambit Biosciences, Onconova Therapeutics, SymBio Pharma, and Celgene are available as a separate or with the full report. Key M&A activities that have taken place in this area in the last 5 years and a list of products in early /late stages of development available for in-licensing are highlighted in the report. This report is built using primary and secondary research data and in-house proprietary database.

Reasons to buy the report –

Useful for investors, Scientists, Business development managers of Pharma companies with focus in oncology to address the following-

· What are the opportunities or new approaches to be deployed in the R&D of the company?

· List of validated and new targets

· In-licensing opportunities – Is the way to go forward and be in the race?

· Commercial opportunity and companies’ valuation.

Key Points Discussed in the Report –

· Overview of the disease and Unmet need

· Drugs in the pipeline – Mechanism of Action (MoA) and Clinical Stage of development

-Myelodysplastic Syndromes – Lower-risk, Higher-risk, and recurrent / refractory MDS

-Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Untreated/ newly diagnosed and relapsed / refractory AML

· Key milestones

· Launch Timeline and Commercial Opportunity of Late-stage pipeline (RR MDS and RR AML)

· M&A and Licensing deals in the last 5 years

· In-licensing and/or M&A Opportunity

· Detailed Company analysis includes Clinical data of drugs , Milestones, and Valuation

Is Company Profile

Ambit Biosciences , Onconova Therapetuics, Celgene, Symbio

1. Executive Summary

2. Investment Drivers of The Select Companies Covered

3. Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)

3.1 Disease Overview
3.2 Unmet Need
3.3 Current Standard of Care
3.3.1 Supportive Care
3.3.2 Low-Intensity Therapy
3.3.3 High-Intensity Therapy
3.3.4 Recurrent/ Refractory or relapsed MDS

4. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)
4.1 Disease Overview
4.2 Current Standard of Care
4.2.1 AML pts younger than 60 years
a Induction Therapy
b Post-remission/ consolidation therapy
4.2.2 AML pts Older than 60 years
a Current treatment options – Hypomethylating agents and SCT
4.3 Unmet Need
4.4 Refractory or relapsed AML

5. Competitive Landscape: RR/ High-Risk MDS and RR AML

6. Competitive Landscape: Untreated/ Newly Diagnosed MDS and AML

7. Key Milestones

8. Launch Timeline and Commercial Opportunity of Late-stage Pipeline (RR MDS and RR AML)

9. Drivers of M&A / Licensing Deals in MDS/ AML

9.1 Select M&A Deals in Last 5 Years – 2007 to 2012
9.2 Select Licensing Deals in Last 5 Years – 2007 to 2012
9.3 M&A and Licensing Deals Opportunity

10. Detailed Company Analysis (incl. Clinical Data of Drugs,Milestones, and Valuation)
10.1 Ambit Biosciences (AMBI)
10.1.1 Investment Drivers
10.1.2 Other Assets – Not Fully valued in the Price
10.1.3 Key Milestones
10.1.4 NPV Valuation – Scenario Analysis (Early Approval)
10.1.5 Background about AMBI’s products
a. Quizaritinib – Key profile, Clinical Data, IP protection
b. Other assets – CEP-32496, AC410, & AC708
c. Competitive Landscape – Late- and Mid-stage AML drugs
d. Select JAK 2/1 Inhibitor: Late- and Mid-stage Pipeline
10.2 Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX)
10.2.1 Investment Drivers
10.2.2 Upside from Early-stage pipeline
10.2.3 Strong IP position
10.2.4 Key Milestones
10.2.5 NPV Valuation
10.2.6 Background about ONTX’s products
a. Estybon (rigosertib) – Key Profile, Primary Indications
b. Rigosertib IV – 2nd-line Higher-Risk MDS (clinical data and competition landscape)
c. Rigosertib Oral – 1st-line Lower-Risk MDS (clinical data and competition landscape)
d. Estybon (rigosertib) – Label Expansions
• Metastatic Pancreatic cancer
• Head and Neck cancer
e. Other Early-stage drugs – ON 013105, Recilisib
f. Preclinical Programs – ON 1231320, ON 123300, ON 108600,ON 044580
g. Patents
h. Collaboration/ Partnership Agreements 

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