Lighting Fixtures

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US demand to rise about 7% annually through 2018
Demand for lighting fixtures in the US will rise approximately seven percent per year to more than $30 billion in 2018. In general, advances will be aided by the ongoing recovery in both residential and nonresidential construction activity, as well as by rising personal consumption expenditures as the economy continues to improve following the 2007-2009 recession and subsequent slow recovery. Sales will be further stimulated by the growing interest in higher value, technologically advanced fixtures that are more energy efficient and optimized for new light source technologies.

Regulatory changes will favor higher value fixtures
Regulatory changes and technological innovations that affect the types of light sources available will also boost sales in lighting fixtures. As a way to ease consumer acceptance of new technology, some new light sources were initially designed to fit in existing lighting fixtures that had been created for older types of light sources. As a result, sales of new fixtures have often lagged the introduction and adoption of new light source technologies. However, the performance of these new light sources is not optimal when used in legacy fixtures. As more types of fixtures designed specifically for light emitting diodes (LEDs), advanced fluorescent lamps, and other longer-lived, highly efficient lighting technologies are introduced, these higher value fixtures will account for a greater share of fixture sales going forward. For instance, sales of LED lighting fixtures are expected to nearly triple through 2018 to account for about half of total fixture sales. In many cases, they will replace existing fixtures designed for use with less efficient light sources (e.g., general purpose incandescent lamps, T12 fluorescent tubes, many types of incandescent and halogen reflector lamps) as lamp stocks dwindle following phase-outs.

Construction market to be fastest growing
Construction applications account for the majority of lighting fixture demand and are expected to post the fastest growth among major markets. A variety of nonportable lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use are employed in residential and nonresidential buildings, as well as in nonbuilding settings such as roadways, marinas, and parks. Advances will be driven by a recovery in construction spending, with particularly rapid gains in the residential and nonresidential segments. Retrofitting of fixtures with new, energy efficient types optimized for advanced light source technologies will help to drive these gains, as building owners and facility managers are eager to reap the savings on electricity usage that such fixtures offer. In addition to construction applications, lighting fixtures are used in vehicles and machinery as well as in consumer and commercial settings (e.g., flashlights, desk lamps, table lamps, and appliances). The vehicle and machinery market is expected to grow more slowly than other markets through 2018; motor vehicle production recovered earlier than construction spending, so 2013 represents a higher base and leaves less pent-up demand to be released going forward. The consumer and commercial market will benefit from rising interest in LED based fixtures; these are more expensive than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures due to the inclusion of the LED light sources.

Study coverage
Details on these and other key findings are contained in the Freedonia industry study, Lighting Fixtures. It presents historical demand data (2003, 2008, 2013), plus forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by type, market and US geographic region. The study also assesses market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 41 industry players such as Acuity Brands, Eaton, Flextronics, Hubbel and Koito.



General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 5
Demographic Trends 10
Consumer Spending 15
Construction Trends 18
Residential Construction 21
Housing Outlook 23
Housing Stock 27
Improvements & Repairs 30
Nonresidential Construction 32
Construction Expenditures 32
Nonresidential Building Stock 35
Improvements & Repairs 37
Nonbuilding 39
Vehicular Equipment Trends 41
Motor Vehicles 43
Other Vehicular Equipment 47
Historical Market Trends 49
Pricing Trends 52
Environmental & Regulatory Issues 55
General Regulations & Standards 56
Energy Efficiency Issues 58
Light Pollution Issues 61
Light Source Characteristics 62
Lamps 63
LEDs 66
Lighting Fixtures by Light Source 68
Foreign Trade 74
Imports 75
Exports 76

General 78
Lighting Fixture Types 79
Nonportable Lighting Fixtures 82
Nonportable Lighting Fixture Demand by Type 83
Vehicular-Type Lighting Fixtures 85
Product Trends 89
Light Source Trends 89
Product Design Trends 92
Adaptive Headlamps 93
Regulatory Issues 94
Demand by Vehicle Type 96
Motor Vehicle Lighting Fixtures 97
Other Vehicular-Type Lighting Fixtures 102
Outdoor Lighting Fixtures 103
Product Characteristics 106
Product Trends 109
Area & Floodlighting 110
Roadway Lighting 113
Other Outdoor Lighting 116
Industrial-Type Lighting Fixtures 118
Product Characteristics 120
Product Trends 120
Other Nonportable Indoor Lighting Fixtures 122
Supply & Demand 123
Demand by Lamp Technology 124
Portable Lighting Fixtures 127
Supply & Demand 128
Demand by Type & Light Source 131
Lighting Fixture Parts & Accessories 134
Product Characteristics 136
Outdoor Poles & Accessories 138
Lamp Ballasts 140
Product Characteristics 143
Fluorescent Ballasts 144
HID Ballasts 146
Other Parts & Accessories 148

General 151
Construction 153
Market Characteristics 156
Energy Efficiency Issues 157
Residential 159
Market Characteristics 161
New 163
Improvements & Repairs 165
Single-Family 167
Multifamily 168
Manufactured Housing 170
Nonresidential 171
Institutional 174
Industrial 176
Commercial 180
Office 183
Other Nonresidential Buildings 186
Nonbuilding 188
Market Characteristics 189
Demand by Application 191
Vehicles & Machinery 192
Market Characteristics 194
Motor Vehicles 195
Market Characteristics 196
Regulatory Issues 197
Demand by Application 198
Other Vehicles & Machinery 199
Market Characteristics 200
Demand by Application 201
Consumer & Commercial 201
Flashlights & Lanterns 203
Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, & Other Portable Fixtures 205
All Other 206

General 207
Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 208
Population Patterns 209
Economic Outlook 212
Construction Activity 216
Housing Trends 218
Regional Demand for Lighting Fixtures 221
Northeast 224
New England 226
Middle Atlantic 227
Midwest 228
East North Central 232
West North Central 233
South 234
South Atlantic 237
East South Central 238
West South Central 239
West 240
Mountain 243
Pacific 244

General 246
Industry Composition 247
Market Share 251
Vertical & Horizontal Integration 256
Product Development 259
Efficiency-Related Developments 259
Light Source-Related Developments 261
Manufacturing 262
Marketing 263
Distribution 266
Nonresidential 266
Residential 268
Vehicular 270
Mergers & Acquisitions 272
Cooperative Agreements 275
Company Profiles 278
Acuity Brands Incorporated 279
Adura Technologies, see Acuity Brands
Advanced Lighting Technologies Incorporated 288
Albeo Technologies, see General Electric
Alera Lighting, see Hubbell
ALP Lighting Components Incorporated 291
American Electric Lighting, see Acuity Brands
Anderson Marine, see Peterson Manufacturing
Antique Street Lamps, see Acuity Brands
Architectural Area Lighting, see Hubbell
Beacon Products, see Hubbell
Brinkmann Corporation 293
Broan-NuTone, see Nortek
Chicago Miniature Lighting, see Revstone Industries
Coleman, see Jarden
Columbia Lighting, see Hubbell
Cooper Industries, see Eaton
Cree Incorporated 296
Devine Lighting, see Hubbell
Dual-Lite, see Hubbell
Eaton Corporation plc 300
eldoLAB Holding, see Acuity Brands
Energizer Holdings Incorporated 312
Eveready Battery, see Energizer Holdings
Evolution Lighting LLC 315
Federal-Mogul Corporation 316
Fiat SpA 319
Flextronics International Limited 321
GE Lighting, see General Electric
General Electric Company 323
Generation Brands Company 327
Glamox AS 331
Goodrich, see United Technologies
Gotham Lighting, see Acuity Brands
GreenStar Products, see Toshiba
Grote Industries Incorporated 334
Havells India Limited 338
HELLA KGaA Hueck & Company 340
HIDirect, see Advanced Lighting Technologies
Holophane Lighting, see Acuity Brands
Hubbell Incorporated 342
Hydrel Lighting, see Acuity Brands
Intermatic Incorporated 351
Jarden Corporation 352
Juno Lighting, see Schneider Electric
Kalco Lighting, see SIMKAR
Killark Electric Manufacturing, see Hubbell
Kim Lighting, see Hubbell
Koito Group 355
Kurt Versen, see Hubbell
LBL Lighting, see Generation Brands
LD Kichler Company Incorporated 357
Lighting Science Group Corporation 359
Lights of America Incorporated 361
Lithonia Lighting, see Acuity Brands
LSI Industries Incorporated 362
Luxo, see Glamox
Mag Instrument Incorporated 366
Magneti Marelli, see Fiat
Malibu Lighting, see Brinkmann
Mark Architectural Lighting, see Acuity Brands
Monte Carlo Fan, see Generation Brands
Murray Feiss Import, see Generation Brands
Nortek Incorporated 368
North American Lighting, see Koito Group
OSRAM Licht AG 371
Panasonic Corporation 376
Peerless Lighting, see Acuity Brands
Peterson Manufacturing Company 378
Precision-Paragon, see Hubbell
Prescolite, see Hubbell
Progress Lighting, see Hubbell
Revstone Industries LLC 380
Royal Philips NV 382
Schneider Electric SA 391
Sea Gull Lighting Products, see Generation Brands
Security Lighting Systems, see Hubbell
Shakespeare Composite Structures, see Royal Philips
SIMKAR Corporation 394
Spaulding Lighting, see Hubbell
Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated 397
Sportsliter Solutions, see Hubbell
Sterner Lighting Systems, see Hubbell
Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights, see Acuity Brands
Tech Lighting, see Generation Brands
Teron Lighting, see LD Kichler
Thomas Lighting, see Royal Philips
Toshiba Corporation 400
Truck-Lite Company Incorporated 402
United Technologies Corporation 404
Universal Lighting Technologies, see Panasonic
Valeo SA 406
Valmont Industries Incorporated 408
Varroc Group 410
Venture Lighting International, see Advanced Lighting Technologies
Visteon Corporation 412
Whiteway Lighting, see Hubbell
Winona Lighting, see Acuity Brands
W. J. Whatley, see Valmont Industries
Y&L Lighting, see Advanced Lighting Technologies
Zephyr Ventilation, see Nortek
Additional Companies in the Lighting Fixtures Industry 413


Summary Table 3

1 Macroeconomic Indicators 10
2 Population & Households 15
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures 18
4 Construction Expenditures 21
5 Residential Building Construction Expenditures 23
6 Housing Completions 26
7 Housing Stock by Type 29
8 Residential Improvement & Repair Expenditures 32
9 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 35
10 Nonresidential Building Stock 37
11 Nonresidential Building Improvement & Repair Expenditures 39
12 Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures 41
13 Vehicular Equipment Shipments 43
14 Motor Vehicle Indicators 47
15 Lighting Fixture Market, 2003-2013 51
16 Lighting Fixture Pricing 54
17 Nonportable & Portable Lighting Fixture Demand by Light Source 73
18 Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 75

1 Lighting Fixture Demand by Type 81
2 Nonportable Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 83
3 Nonportable Lighting Fixture Demand by Type 85
4 Vehicular-Type Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 88
5 Vehicular-Type Lighting Fixture Demand by Vehicle Type 97
6 Motor Vehicle Lighting Fixture Demand by Type & Light Source 101
7 Other Vehicular-Type Lighting Fixture Demand by Type & Light Source 103
8 Outdoor Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 106
9 Outdoor Lighting Fixture Demand by Type & Light Source 109
10 Area & Floodlighting Fixture Demand 113
11 Roadway Lighting Fixture Demand 116
12 Other Outdoor Lighting Fixture Demand 118
13 Industrial-Type Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 119
14 Industrial-Type Lighting Fixture Demand by Light Source 122
15 Other Nonportable Indoor Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 124
16 Other Nonportable Indoor Lighting Fixture Demand by Light Source 127
17 Portable Lighting Fixture Supply & Demand 131
18 Portable Lighting Fixture Demand by Type & Light Source 134
19 Lighting Fixture Parts & Accessories Supply & Demand 136
20 Lighting Fixture Parts & Accessories Demand by Type 137
21 Outdoor Poles & Accessories Supply & Demand 140
22 Lamp Ballast Supply & Demand 143
23 Lamp Ballast Demand by Lamp Technology 144
24 Other Lighting Fixture Parts & Accessories Supply & Demand 150

1 Lighting Fixture Demand by Market 152
2 Construction Lighting Fixture Demand by Market & Application 155
3 Residential Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 161
4 New Residential Lighting Fixture Demand by Housing Type 165
5 Residential Improvement & Repair Lighting Fixture Demand by Housing Type 167
6 Single-Family Housing Demand for Lighting Fixtures 168
7 Multifamily Housing Demand for Lighting Fixtures 170
8 Manufactured Housing Demand for Lighting Fixtures 171
9 Nonresidential Lighting Fixture Demand by Building Type & Application 173
10 Institutional Building Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 176
11 Industrial Building Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 180
12 Commercial Building Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 183
13 Office Building Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 186
14 Other Nonresidential Building Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 188
15 Nonbuilding Construction Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 189
16 Vehicle & Machinery Lighting Fixture Demand by Market & Application 193
17 Motor Vehicle Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 196
18 Other Vehicle & Machinery Lighting Fixture Demand by Application 200
19 Consumer & Commercial Lighting Fixture Demand by Product 203

1 Population by Region 212
2 Gross Domestic Product by Region 215
3 Construction Expenditures by Region 218
4 Regional Housing Indicators 221
5 Lighting Fixture Demand by Region 223
6 Northeast Lighting Fixture Demand by Subregion & Market 226
7 Midwest Lighting Fixture Demand by Subregion & Market 232
8 South Lighting Fixture Demand by Subregion & Market 236
9 West Lighting Fixture Demand by Subregion & Market 242

1 US Lighting Fixture Sales by Company, 2013 250
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 274
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 276


1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 2013 30
2 Lighting Fixture Market, 2004-2013 52
3 Lighting Fixture Pricing, 2003-2023 55
4 Nonportable & Portable Lighting Fixture Demand by Light Source, 2003-2023 74
5 US Lighting Fixture Imports by Source, 2013 76
6 US Lighting Fixture Exports by Destination, 2013 77

1 Lighting Fixture Demand by Type, 2013 82

1 Construction Lighting Fixture Demand by Market, 2003-2023 156
2 Nonresidential Lighting Fixture Demand by Building Type, 2003-2023 174

1 Lighting Fixture Demand by Region, 2013 223

1 Lighting Fixture Market Share, 2013 252

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