Australia - Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016

 Published On: Apr, 2012 |    No of Pages: 90 |  Published By: TechSci Research | Format: PDF
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Tablet PCs are portable computers that do not require a keyboard or a mouse and work smoothly on touch screen input. They are well-suited for accessing the Internet while on-the-go, using various applications and services or watching videos, movies, playing games. Tablet PCs emerged as a revolutionary gadget in the consumer electronics markets with the launch of the iPad by Apple Inc. No sooner than that, Tablet PCs by competitors were getting launched, seeking the successful path paved by the market leader Apple. The Tablet PC market in Australia has seen a high growth since 2010 when the global consumer Tablet PC era started with Apple’s iPad launch and ever since, there has been no dearth of new Tablet devices in the Australian market, with most of them running Android.  

According to ‘Australia Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016’, the Tablet PC market in Australia is further expected to witness exponential growth with increasing consumer acceptance. Tablet PCs have been quite successful in filling the gap between Smartphones and Laptops. Australia is a lucrative market for Tablet PC manufacturers as the country has high penetration of PC/Laptops/Notebooks. The penetration level of Tablet PC’s has crossed more than 6% in Australia by end of 2011. The technology savvy Australian population is expected to drive Tablet PC market in Australia. Also, high internet usage amongst all age groups and categories further explains the situation. The mobile internet penetration in the country was around 50 percent in 2010 and has been growing immensely since the launch of Tablet PCs. Since a large number of consumers own a personal computer, the demand is expected to shift to Tablet PCs rapidly.

‘Australia Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2016’ discusses the following aspects related to private labels expansion in Indian market:

• Global Tablet PC Market Size & Forecast

• Australia Tablet PC Market Size & Growth

• Australia Tablet PC Market Share & Penetration

• Market Trends & Developments

• Competitive Landscape

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Report Methodology

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with PC Vendors, Channel Partners, and Consumers. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant paid publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Tablet PC Market Outlook

a. Market Size & Forecast

b. Market Share

i. By Company

ii. By Region

c. Pricing Analysis

3. Australia Tablet PC Market

a. Market Size & Forecast

b. Market Share

i. By Company

ii. By Region

c. Pricing Analysis

4. Australia Tablet PC – Cost Analysis

5. Australia Tablet PC - Applications Market

6. Australia Tablet PC – Operating Systems Market

a. Android

b. Windows

c. BlackBerry OS

d. iOS

7. Australia Tablet PC – Processors Market 

a. Intel

b. Apple A4

c. Hummingbird

d. Qualcomm

e. Nvidia

8. Market Trends & Developments

a. Increasing Production

b. Many New Players Entering The Fray

c. Will Ipad Maintain its lead till 2016?

9. Competitive Landscape

a. Apple Inc.

b. Samsung

c. Dell

d. Motorola

e. HP

f. Asus

g. Blackberry

h. Toshiba

List of Figures

1. Figure 1: Global Tablet PC Market Size 2010-16 (USD Billion)

2. Figure 2: Global Tablet PC Shipments, 2010-2016 (Million Units)

3. Figure 3: Global Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Company

4. Figure 4: Global Tablet PC Market Share Forecast 2016, By Company

5. Figure 5: Global Tablet PC Market Share, 2011 By Region

6. Figure 6: Global Pricing Analysis 2010-2016 (USD)

7. Figure 7: Australia Tablet PC Market Size & Forecast (USD Billions)

8. Figure 8: Personal Computers in Australian Households (2011)

9. Figure 9: Internet in Australian Households

10. Figure 10: Internet Usage By Australians (2011)

11. Figure 11: Internet Content Consumption Pattern By Australians 

12. Figure 12: Usage of Social Networking Sites By Australians (2011)

13. Figure 13: Australia Online shoppers demographics (2011)

14. Figure 14: Online Purchases By Device (2011)

15. Figure 15: Places of Mobile Internet Usage By Australians

16. Figure 16: Australia Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Company

17. Figure 17 : Australia Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Region 

18. Figure 18: Australia Tablet PC Pricing Analysis 2010-2016

19. Figure 19: Tablet PC Applications Market Size 2011 (USD Millions) 

20. Figure 20: Market-wise Percentage Free & Paid Applications 

21. Figure 21: Store-Wise Percentage Growth In Number Of Applications (2011)

22. Figure 22: Number Of Top Cross Store Publishers

23. Figure 23: Australia Operating Systems market share, By company 

24. Figure 24: Australia Tablet PC Market Share 2016, By Operating System

25. Figure 25: Tablet PC Operating Systems Forecast 2011-2016 

26. Figure 26: Australia Tablet PC Market Share 2011, By Processors

27. Figure 27: Adreno GPU Power Improvements

28. Figure 28: Tablet PC Shipments (Million Units)

29. Figure 29: Apple: Product wise Revenue Contribution

List of Tables

1. Table 1: Comparison of Tablet PC`s, By Feature 

2. Table 2: Price Comparison Of Different Tablet PC Models

3. Table 3: HP TouchPad Costing Analysis

4. Table 4: Apple iPad Costing Analysis

5. Table 5: Apple App Store downloads

6. Table 6: Application in Android market

7. Table 7: List of Android versions and features

8. Table 8: List of BlackBerry Operating Systems Versions with features

9. Table 9: Snapdragon processors competitive Analysis

10. Table 10: Quarterly Revenues of Apple Inc.

11. Table 11: Hewlett Packard and subsidiaries revenue

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