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South Korea Power Report

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Published Date: Oct, 2013
Format: PDF
No of Pages: 57
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  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents

The country has undertaken many measures to battle the surge in energy demand as a result of
the soaring summer temperatures. The situation has highlighted once again the problems that have resulted
from its previous lack of investment in generation capacity. Moreover, the government has had to undertake
strong action to combat the new wave of scandals which threaten to further weaken the public's trust in
South Korea's nuclear power plants. Although we expect the country to power ahead with its capacitybuilding
plans, the latest proposal to levy a carbon tax on electricity energy is likely to impact the
attractiveness of the industry for private producers.
We forecast overall power generation in South Korea to grow at an average of 4.3% per annum between
2013 and 2022, reaching 767.1TWh. While coal- and gas-fired generation continue to play a vital role, we
expect most of the growth to come from nuclear generation, which we expect will lead growth in generation
in the second half of our 10-year forecast period to 2022, despite the current high level of public distrust.

Industry View 7
Industry Forecast 11
South Korea Snapshot 11
Table: Country Snapshot: Economic and Demographic Data 11
Table: Country Snapshot: Power Sector 11
South Korea Power Forecast Scenario 12
Electricity Generation And Power Generating Capacity 12
Table: South Korea Total Electricity Generation Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 12
Table: South Korea Total Electricity Generation Long-Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 14
Table: South Korea Electricity Generating Capacity Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 16
Table: Table: South Korea Electricity Generating Capacity Long-Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 17
Electricity Consumption 22
Table: South Korea Total Electricity Consumption Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 22
Table: South Korea Total Electricity Consumption Long-Term Data And Forecasts, 2017-2022 23
Transmission And Distribution, Imports And Exports 24
Table: South Korea Electric Power Transmission And Distribution Losses Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 24
Table: South Korea Electric Power Transmission And Distribution Losses Data And Forecasts, 2017-2022 24
Table: South Korea Trade Data And Forecasts, 2011-2016 25
Table: South Korea Trade Data And Long-Term Forecasts, 2017-2022 25
Industry Risk/Reward Ratings 26
South Korea Power Risk/Reward Ratings 26
Rewards 26
Risks 27
Asia Power Risk/Reward Ratings 27
Table: Asia Power Risk/Rewards Ratings 31
Market Overview 33
Key Policies And Market Structure 33
Regulation and Competition 33
Sustainable Energy Policies 34
Pricing 35
South Korea Power Project Database 36
Table: Key Power Projects 36
Competitive Landscape 39
Company Profile 41
Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) 41
Regional Overview 45
Asia Regional Overview 45
Table: Regional Real GDP Growth, % Chg Y-O-Y 47
Glossary 50
Table: Glossary Of Terms 50
Methodology 51
Methodology And Sources 51
Industry Forecasts 51
Power Industry - Data Methodology 52
Generation and Consumption Data 52
Electricity Generating Capacity Data 53
Power Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology 54
Table: Power Risk/Reward Indicators 56
Sources 57

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