Croatia Pharmaceuticals Competitive Intelligence Report

 |  Published By: BMI Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare | Format: PDF
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Product Description

The Croatia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Competitive Intelligence Report is an essential resource for manufacturers, investors and suppliers analysing and comparing the strategies adopted by major players as they seek to exploit opportunities and mitigate risks in a rapidly changing environment.

Key Features of the Report

1. Competitive Landscape Analysis

Company-comparative analysis, examining sales, market share and main product areas and facilitating the identification of successful investment strategies and themes.

Company comparisons are made within the framework of our industry growth forecasts and our broader macroeconomic growth forecasts. Company strategies are also examined in relation to key operational, macroeconomic and political risks

2. Company Profiles

Profiles of the key companies in Croatia providing hard-to-get competitive intelligence with which to benchmark the growth and risk management strategies of your competitors, peers, partners and clients.

    * Company Overview - Date established, ownership structure, main business units, core business operations, leading products, market share
    * Latest Company Developments - M&A, joint ventures, divestment/investments, projects, contracts, new product launches, regulatory issues, announcements
    * Product Portfolio - Leading brands and new product development initiatives
    * Local, Regional & Global Operations - Domestic sales, main regional/global export markets, foreign purchases, JVs and strategic partnerships
    * SWOT Analysis - Analysis of company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats allowing for an examination of factors – both internal and external – that will affect future company performance
    * Company Strategy - BMI analyses company responses to fast-changing local market conditions, ranging from distribution network expansion to exploring new markets and from portfolio diversification to widen sales reach to research and development investment to secure future growth prospects
    * Financial Performance - BMI analysis of latest-available company financials and % growth y-o-y, set against historic 5yr financial performance; covers revenues, operating profit, net profit, Basic EPS and EBITDA

Companies profiled:
Belupo, GlaxoSmithKline, Jadran Galenski Laboratorij (JGL), Krka, Merck & Co, Novartis, Pfizer, Pliva (Teva Pharmaceuticals), Sanofi-aventis

3. Market Attractiveness for Investors

Market Overview
Analysis of sector maturity, industry expenditure, foreign investment, GDP contribution, key industry players, regulatory environment, imports and exports

SWOT Analysis
Detailing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats across government policy and foreign investment environment, local standards, growth and demand trends, demographic and macroeconomic trends, and the competitive landscape.

Investment Risk-Reward Rating
BMI ranks Croatia's attractiveness for industry investors compared to its regional peer group: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Industry and Country Reward and Risk scores (out of a total of 100) are weighted and combined to illustrate potential investor returns, as compared to other markets and to the regional average.

4. Croatia Business Development Directory

Primary research, conducted in Q3 2010, brings together the latest available, accurate data on top decision-makers at Croatia’s leading companies, including ownership structure, company size and sales volume, expansion strategy, key partners and main products and services.

Providing direct access to top industry decision-makers and purchasers, the directory represents a powerful tool to source new clients, partners and suppliers, and benchmark competitors.

Core Company Dataset

    * Company name, web and postal address
    * Email, telephone and fax numbers
    * Year of local registration
    * Employee size and sales volume (estimates)
    * Main business activities, products and services
    * Industry classifications
    * Nationality
    * Global and regional HQs

Table of Contents :

Competitive Landscape Analysis ....... 5
Pharmaceutical Industry ........ 5
Table: Croatia - Top 10 Pharmaceutical Players by Value .... 6
Table: Croatia – Sales of Medicines by ATC Category ........... 6
Table: Croatia – Top 10 Medicines by Value Sales ............... 7
Table: Top 10 Therapeutic Groups by Value Sales ................. 8
Domestic Pharmaceutical Industry .......... 8
Foreign Pharmaceutical Industry ............ 9
Company Profiles ............ 11
Pliva (Teva Pharmaceuticals) ........... 11
Belupo ........... 14
Jadran Galenski Laboratorij (JGL) .. 17
Multinational Company Profiles ............ 19
GlaxoSmithKline ............. 19
Pfizer ............ 21
Sanofi-Aventis ................. 22
Novartis ........ 24
Merck & Co .. 26
Krka .............. 28
Market Attractiveness Analysis ........ 30
Market Summary ............. 30
Regulatory Development . 31
SWOT Analysis ................ 38
Croatia Pharmaceuticals Industry SWOT ........... 38
Risk/Reward Rating ......... 39
Pharmaceutical Business Environment Ratings .. 39
Table: Emerging Europe Pharmaceutical Business Environment Ratings for Q410 . 39
Business Development Directory ..... 42
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