World Deepwater Atlas

 |    No of Pages: 72 |  Published By: CRSL
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World Deepwater Atlas - 4th Edition

This is the fourth edition of the only atlas available to specifically focus on the world’s deepwater oil & gas activity and development. Providing immediate visual access to every deepwater oil and gas play worldwide, this atlas shows every discovery and producing field located in water depths of 500 metres and over.

In 72 pages of activity and concession maps, all meticulously checked and updated, the new atlas covers the world by country or region from the Americas in the West across to New Zealand in the East. Each page also features, as applicable, high detail inset maps of complex producing areas and handy location maps for easy regional identification of the main data shown. Also included is an important reference index listing all deepwater fields and discoveries by country and water depth. Without question, this unique new A4 sized Atlas will be essential to anyone with an interest in today’s deepwater production and the areas likely for tomorrow’s exploration and field development efforts.

Table of Contents:

Full page, double page spreads and inset maps cover the following areas;

  • North America - Canada, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, USA Gulf of Mexico

  • North Atlantic - Greenland

  • Central America - Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana

  • South America - Brazil, Argentina and British Falkland Islands

  • Europe - UK Atlantic Margins, Norway, Spain and Portugal

  • ?North West Africa - Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea Bissau

  • ?The Mediterranean - Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Italy

  • Eastern Europe - The Caspian sea

  • Africa - Western Africa

  • Indian Sub Continent - West and East India and the Bay of Bengal

  • South East Asia - Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam

  • Australasia - Timor Sea, West and South Australia

  • New Zealand

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