Custom Thermoplastic Compounding

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US demand to rise 3.2% annually through 2019
US demand for custom compounded thermoplastics is forecast to rise 3.2 percent annually to 10.6 billion pounds in 2019, valued at nearly $19 billion (including resin, additive, fillers, and other production costs). Advances will be spurred mainly by growth in construction expenditures, which will rebound from the declines of the 2004-2014 period. Additionally, custom compounders will continue to make new technological advances to differentiate their products in the marketplace and widen their usage.

As compounding innovations continue, the percentage of thermoplastic demand that is custom compounded will increase. For example, as producers strive to increase the compactness of their products and reduce material usage, demand has grown for materials that can provide good performance without adding to overall weight, and compounders have been quick to address these needs through new product development. Independent compounders are expected to grow in the markets where they are able to meet small volume and more particular needs. Larger compounders and resin producers will largely expand their presence in high volume and well-established markets.

PVC to remain most compounded thermoplastic
Polyvinyl chloride will continue to be the most compounded thermoplastic, representing over one third of total demand in 2019, and will also expand at the fastest pace. This growth will be due primarily to rapid expansion in construction applications, where the resin is utilized in a myriad of products such as pipe and fittings, siding, windows and doors, wallcoverings, roofing, decking, fencing, and flooring. PVCs light weight, strength, and abrasion resistance make it a versatile material in new construction and repairs. Polyethylene compounds will also grow rapidly, driven by rising demand in pipe applications and the wire and cable market.

Construction market to grow the most rapidly
Among all US markets for custom compounded thermoplastics, construction will grow the fastest nearly twice the pace as the next fastest growing market. Strong growth in residential building activity will drive gains for compounds, while a rebound in nonresidential building spending will bolster demand. Compounded thermoplastics find many construction applications and will continue to replace metal, wood, and other traditional materials. PVC will remain the largest resin used in the construction market, while polyethylene will expand at the fastest rate, propelled by demand for pipe.

In the electrical and electronics market, the industry trend of miniaturization will continue to create demand for new compounded thermoplastics with improved performance characteristics. Medical applications will also grow rapidly due to increased healthcare spending and advances in medical products. Motor vehicles, the second largest market, will experiences lower growth, but will still provide strong opportunities for compounded thermoplastics that reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel economy.

Study coverage
This upcoming Freedonia industry study, Custom Thermoplastic Compounding, is priced at $5300. It offers historical demand data (2004, 2009, 2014) plus forecasts (2019, 2024) by resin (e.g., PVC, polypropylene) and market (e.g., motor vehicles, construction, wire and cable, electrical and electronics, and medical and consumer,). The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles key US industry players.


Macroeconomic Overview
Demographic Trends
Consumer Spending Outlook
Manufacturing Outlook
Thermoplastics Overview
Thermoplastic Resins
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Thermoplastic Compounding Overview
Historical Market Trends
Pricing Trends
Regulatory Considerations
Recycling Activity
International Activity

Polyvinyl Chloride
Characteristics & Producers Markets
Engineering Thermoplastics
Characteristics & Producers Markets
Other Engineering Thermoplastics
Characteristics & Producers Markets
Characteristics & Producers Markets
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Characteristics & Producers Markets
Characteristics & Producers Markets
Other Thermoplastic Resins
Characteristics & Producers Markets

Building Construction Outlook
Pipe & Fittings
Siding, Windows, & Doors
Other Uses
Motor Vehicles
Motor Vehicle Outlook
Engineering Thermoplastics
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Other Resins
Engine & Mechanical
Structural & Exterior
Consumer & Medical
Consumer & Medical Products Outlook
Polyvinyl Chloride
Engineering Thermoplastics
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Other Resins
Electrical & Electronic Equipment
Electrical & Electronic Equipment Outlook
Insulated Wire & Cable
Insulated Wire & Cable Outlook
Resins & Applications
Other Markets
Packaging Industry Outlook
Resins & Applications
Appliance Industry Outlook
Resins & Applications
Machinery Outlook
Resins & Applications
All Other Markets

Market Share
Acquisitions & Divestitures
Types of Compounders
Independent Compounders
Resin Producers
Marketing Strategies
Channels of Distribution
Research & Development
Competitive Strategies
Cooperative Agreements
Company Profiles
ACI Plastics Incorporated
Adell Plastics Incorporated
Advanced Composites, see Mitsui Chemicals
Amco Polymers, see Ravago
Americhem Incorporated
AMETEK Incorporated
Ampacet Corporation
Asahi Kasei Corporation
Axiall Corporation
Bayer AG
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated
Celanese Corporation
Clariant International Limited
Covestro, see Bayer
Dover Chemical, see ICC Industries
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Corning Corporation
DuPont (EI) de Nemours
Equistar Chemicals, see LyondellBasell Industries
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Ferro Corporation
HGGC Citadel Plastics Holdings, see Schulman (A.)
ICC Industries Incorporated
Kraton Performance Polymers Incorporated
LTL Color Compounders, see Americhem
Lubrizol, see Berkshire Hathaway
Lucent Polymers, see Schulman (A.)
LyondellBasell Industries NV
Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated
Multibase, see Dow Corning
Network Polymers, see Schulman (A.)
O'Neil Color & Compounding, see ICC Industries
PolyOne Corporation
Portage Precision Polymers, see HEXPOL
Prime Colorants, see Schulman (A.)
Ravago SA
RheTech, see HEXPOL
Royal DSM NV
RTP Company
SABIC Innovative Plastics US, see Saudi Basic Industries
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
Schulman (A.) Incorporated
Shin-Etsu Chemical Company Limited
Shintech, see Shin-Etsu Chemical
Spartech, see PolyOne
Standridge Color Corporation
Styrolution Group, see INEOS Group
Techmer PM LLC
Teknor Apex Company
3M Company
TP Composites, see Techmer PM
Viking Polymers, see Teknor Apex
Washington Penn Plastic Company Incorporated
Westchester Plastics, see AMETEK

List of Tables

Summary Table

Macroeconomic Indicators
Population & Households
Personal Consumption Expenditures
Manufacturers' Shipments
Thermoplastics & Thermoplastic Elastomers Demand
Compounded Thermoplastics Market, 2004-2014
Thermoplastic Compounds Pricing

Compounded Thermoplastics Demand by Resin
Compounded Polyvinyl Chloride Demand
Compounded Polyvinyl Chloride Demand by Market
Compounded Engineering Thermoplastics Demand
Compounded Engineering Thermoplastics Demand by Market
Compounded Polypropylene Demand
Compounded Polypropylene Demand by Market
Compounded Polyethylene Demand
Compounded Polyethylene Demand by Market
Compounded Thermoplastic Elastomers Demand
Compounded Thermoplastic Elastomers Demand by Market
Compounded Polystyrene Demand
Compounded Polystyrene Demand by Market
Other Compounded Thermoplastics Demand
Other Compounded Thermoplastics Demand by Market

Compounded Thermoplastics Demand by Market
Building Construction Expenditures
Construction Market for Compounded Thermoplastic by Resin
Construction Market for Compounded Thermoplastic by Application
Motor Vehicle Indicators
Motor Vehicle Market for Compounded Thermoplastic by Resin
Motor Vehicle Market for Compounded Thermoplastic by Application
Consumer & Medical Product Indicators
Consumer & Medical Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Resin
Consumer & Medical Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Application
Electrical & Electronic Equipment Shipments
Electrical & Electronics Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Resin
Electrical & Electronics Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Application
Insulated Wire & Cable Shipments
Wire & Cable Market for Compounded Thermoplastic by Resin
Other Markets for Compounded Thermoplastics
Packaging Supply & Demand
Packaging Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Resin
Appliance Shipments
Appliance Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Resin
Machinery Shipments
Machinery Market for Compounded Thermoplastics by Resin
All Other Markets for Compounded Thermoplastics by Resin

US Sales of Selected Custom Thermoplastic Compounder by Company, 2014
Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures
Selected Cooperative Agreements

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