The Top 100 Specialty Chemicals Companies Worldwide

 Published On: Dec, 2015 |  Published By: Research Facts | Format: Excel
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Did you know?

- Anthony Fitzpatrick is President of Corporate Development at Croda International Plc.

- Platform Specialty Products Corporation continually seek opportunities to act as an acquirer and consolidator of specialty chemical businesses on a global basis.

- On October 1, 2015, the H.B. Fuller Company announced that it had appointed the Horn Company, one of North America’s premier distributors of specialty chemicals, as its exclusive sales distributor throughout the Western and Southwestern United States.

- LANXESS AG sources 3,000 different raw materials. Its total raw materials expenses in 2013 were $U.S. 4.6 bn.

- Kyle Montgomery is Vice President, Procurement and Richard H. Wehman Jr. is Vice President, Strategic Purchasing at the Stepan Company.

- Shanghai Chemspec Corporation is a  leading  China-based  contract  manufacturer  of  highly  engineered  specialty chemicals  and  the  largest  Chinese  manufacturer of  fluorinated specialty chemicals.

- Hyderabad, India headquartered Vivimed Labs Ltd had revenues of $U.S. 210.9 million in 2014.

- The Lubrizol Corporation is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc..

These are just a tiny sample of the 1,000's of facts to be found in ‘The Top 100 Specialty Chemicals Companies Worldwide’.

There are many manufacturers of specialty chemicals. This report profiles the Top 100. These are the companies with the experience, know-how and resources that enable them to develop, manufacture and market innovative products that compete effectively in global markets.

The companies profiled in this report are located across the globe from the United States and Europe to India and China. They sell their products into multiple markets e.g. agrochemicals, building, ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, detergents, electronics, inks, leather, oilfield, paints and varnishes, paper, PVC, textile etc..

Profile information for each company in ‘The Top 100 Specialty Chemicals Companies Worldwide’ typically includes:

- Company Contact Information - Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Email and Website Addresses
- Key Company Decision Makers - From CEO and Main Board, to Key Senior Managers (Note: this report contains the names and job titles of some 1,000 executives at the very top of the specialty chemicals industry)
- Specialised fields such as Company Description, Ownership, Number of Employees and Revenue

Report Target Market:

1) Specialty Chemicals Companies

Usage: competitive/financial analysis and strategic partner/alliance identification.

2) Suppliers

‘The Top 100 Specialty Chemicals Companies Worldwide’ is perfect for suppliers of raw materials and energy and technology and services to identify top potential customers.

3) Distributors

This report is ideal for distributors of specialty chemicals to identify the leading manufacturers with the best products.

4) Industry Associations:

‘The Top 100 Specialty Chemicals Companies Worldwide’ is a useful reference tool for associations in the chemical industry.

Note: Most people will be aware of some of the major specialty chemicals companies such as Ashland Inc., Cabot Corporation and The Perstorp Group but this report looks at all 100 of the top companies - companies like - KMG Chemicals, Inc. - Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia, KMG Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE: KMG) manufactures, formulates and globally distributes specialty chemicals for the Electronics, Industrial Wood Preservation and Industrial Lubricants markets. The Company’s key products include high purity acids, solvents and other wet chemicals used to etch and clean silicon wafers in the production of semiconductors. KMG grows by acquiring and optimising stable chemical product lines and businesses with established production processes. It specifically seeks to acquire proven, niche specialty chemicals with significant market share, long product life, high barriers to entry and low capex requirements. In May, 2015 KMG completed the acquisition of privately held Val-Tex, a manufacturer of industrial valve lubricants and sealants. KMG had sales of $U.S. 353.0 million in 2014 and is led by Christopher T. Fraser, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Report data field structure is as follows:

- Company Name
- Address
- Telephone
- Fax
- Email
- Website
- Number of Employees
- Key Executives
- Company Description
- Primary Industry
- SIC Code   
- NAICS Code
- Revenue ($U.S. million) 
- Ownership
- Ticker Symbol
- Parent Company Name

Note: The companies in ‘The Top 100 Specialty Chemicals Companies Worldwide’ are ranked by revenue.

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