Mongolia's Mining Fiscal Regime: H2 2015

 Published On: Nov, 2015 |    No of Pages: 16 |  Published By: GlobalData | Format: PDF
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Mongolian fiscal regime report outlines governing bodies, governing laws, licenses, rights and obligations, and tax-related information for four commodities: coal, iron ore, copper and gold.

Global data fiscal regime report covers Mongolia, which has rich mineral deposits of coal, copper, iron ore and gold. The mining industry is governed by the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia, and its various departments. The Mineral Law is the apex law for the country’s mining industry.

The report outlines governing bodies, governing laws, licenses, rights and obligations, and key fiscal terms which includes license fee, royalty, corporate income tax, depreciation, loss carry forward, withholding tax and value added tax.

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Gain an overview of Mongolia’s mining fiscal regime

Key Highlights
• The Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia (MRAM) was established in 1997 to develop and implement policy for the mineral resources sector, and create investment opportunities. It also deals with the licensing aspects of mining, in compliance with the Mining Law of Mongolia.

• The Geological Survey department is accountable for providing geological information required for policies and programs concerning research and development

• The Coal Division is responsible for issuing licenses for coal mining and exploration activities

• The Minerals Law of Mongolia was enacted to promote economically viable mining, and to regulate mining operations such as exploration, exploitation and other related activities.
Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 The Mongolian Mining Industry – Governing Bodie
2.1 Mineral Resource Authority of Mongoli
2.1.1 The Geological Surve
2.1.2 Coal Division
2.1.3 Cadastre Division
2.1.4 Mining Division
3 The Mongolian Mining Industry – Governing Laws
3.1 Minerals Law of Mongolia
3.2 General Law of Taxation
4 The Mongolian Mining Industry – Licenses
4.1 Conditions of Granting Licenses
4.1.1 Exploration License
4.1.2 Mining License
5 The Mongolian Mining Industry – Rights and Obligations
5.1 Rights
5.1.1 Rights of exploration license holders
5.2 Obligations
5.2.1 Obligations to Prospecting License Holders
5.2.2 Obligations of exploration license holders
5.2.3 Obligations of mining license holders
6 The Mongolian Mining Industry – Key Fiscal Terms
6.1 License Fee
6.1.1 Exploration License Fee
6.1.2 Mining License Fee
6.2 Royalty
6.3 Corporate Income Tax
6.4 Depreciation
6.5 Loss Carry Forward
6.6 Withholding Tax
6.7 Value Added Tax
7 The Mongolian Mining Industry – Future Development
8 Appendix
8.1 Abbreviations
8.2 Secondary Research
8.3 Primary Research
8.4 Contact Timetric
8.5 About Timetric
8.6 Timetric’s Services
8.7 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: The Mining Industry in Mongolia – Fiscal Regime Terms and Other Taxes (%), 2015
Table 2: The Mining Industry in Mongolia – Depreciation, Useful Life (in years), 2015

List of Figures
Figure 1: The Mining Industry in Mongolia – Commodity Mines at Different Stages (Number of Mines), 2015

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