Actual Consumption of Engine Oil by the Russian Vehicle Fleet

 Published On: Jan, 2013 |  Published By: RPI Eurasia, Ltd | Format: Book and CD
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RPI introduces a groundbreaking new analytical product related to the lubricant market, which studies the actual consumption of engine oil by the Russian vehicle fleet, including cars and trucks, commercial vehicles and buses. For the purposes of this report the size of the engine oil market has been estimated on the basis of strategic data on the vehicle fleet and assessment of per-vehicle, per-unit oil consumption, taking into account vehicle make, age, average annual mileage, service intervals, potential oil consumption between service visits, and the type of lubricant used. This approach makes the report stand out among the existing studies of the engine oil market since it provides the most accurate understanding of the volume and pattern of engine oil consumption in Russia.

The report covers in detail the following issues:
• Actual makeup of the Russian automotive vehicle fleet.
• Trends and growth factors of the Russian vehicle fleet.
• Actual engine oil consumption, both nationwide and in each of Russia’s constituent entities.
• Automotive engine oil consumption broken down by car, tuck, commercial vehicle and bus.

The study also features a forecast of engine oil consumption by type of vehicle in 2012-2017.

The ability to understand changes in oil consumption demand from automobile manufacturers and vehicle owners could help lubricant producers and distributors to develop accurate business plans to increase their product sales and adjust their product lines in order to rapidly respond to market changes ahead of the competition. The study, which provides segmentations by region and by type of vehicle, gives market players an opportunity to fine-tune their marketing strategies, timely build effective relationships with dealer networks and establish the most effective supply chain logistics.

The understanding of a midterm forecast for car fleet growth could help manufacturers not only select their lubricant production strategies but evaluate their capabilities for entering other segments of the automotive consumables market.

Our in-depth, comprehensive study of this segment of the lubricants market could spur a more complex analysis of performance results by producers or distributors in the major regions of their operations.

1. Introduction

2. Key Conclusions

3. Automotive Vehicle Fleet. Trends, Growth Factors and Dynamics from 2011 through 2017
3.1. Car fleet
3.2. Truck fleet
3.3. Bus fleet

4. Passenger Car Engine Oil Consumption by Region
4.1. Engine oils for the current car fleet
4.2. First-fill engine oils for cars
4.3. Consumption forecast for car engine oil

5. Truck Engine Oil Consumption by Region
5.1. Engine oils for the current truck fleet
5.2. First-fill engine oils for trucks
5.3. Consumption forecast for truck engine oil

6. Bus Engine Oil Consumption by Region
6.1. Engine oils for the current bus fleet
6.2. First-fill engine oils for buses
6.3. Consumption forecast for bus engine oil

7. Engine Oil Demand
7.1. Segmentation by type of vehicle
7.2. Segmentation by region
7.3. Segmentation by engine oil type
7.4. Engine oil demand forecast by 2017

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