Akara Research & Technologies Pvt Ltd

akaraBuild products and solutions that drive informed decision-making and enable smart governance. Our products empower enterprises with robust economic estimations coupled with a secure & interactive map display of their internal data.

The customised, real-time, map solutions/analytics provide immense value in monitoring the efficacy of delivery of public services as well as making granular geographic interventions in the distribution network for brands.

District Metrics:

Unravel India's household market potential through robust estimates on income, business activitiy & interactive maps

District Metrics (DM) helps you to unravel the potential household consumers in India at a disaggregated level. The service brings you, in a single platform, demographics, purchasing power or income and economic activity for – districts & towns enabling you to locate the markets of your choice. The reliable data and robust estimates in DM are powered with querying tools, supported by dynamic map-views that enable marketers identify and locate market geographies and households that can be prioritised.




GeoCreDe is a web-delivered services providing granular database of deposit- credit markets in India. The data is sourced from quarterly releases of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Empowering Researchers With Granular Data-sets On Credit Deposit Markets The database is empowered with a user-friendly querying interface and a Geo-visual (map) depiction of the data  

Infrastructure is story of the next two decades in India. It is the propeller of growth.

IDIP is a data driven portal on infrastructure governance with comprehensive and real time data on all infrastructure Projects. Developed by GeoNomics Research & Technologies P Ltd along with IIT- Chennai, IDIP is a great tool in the hands of policy makers at state and Central governments, financial institutions and visionaries to increase the efficiency of execution and monitoring.

IDIP has powerful Geo-visual analytics combined with regional economic analysis. Users can obtain insights on different projects over their evolution from the conception stage. IDIP is a quintessential data webservice answering questions such as

  • Sector-wise successful infrastructure projects across states
  • On-time completion rate of projects, which states lead?
  • Project cost over-runs and its causative factors
  • Efficiency of infrastructure service providers Powered by queries and reports showcased with geo-visual analytics

IDIP provides a 360-degree view of various infrastructure projects. Stakeholders can use it for

  • Demand assessment: Does infrastructure outlay meet the existing and potential demand from underlying economy and demography at tow/district and state level
  • Cost assessment from comparative projects
  • Analysis of successful projects
  • Understand causative factors behind failed projects
  • Risk assessment of various contractors
  • Performance of SPVs post completion of the project
  • Quintessential Project Manager - Explore & Discover opportunities
  • CEOs Desk - Emerging trends & insights in investments
  • Public Policy: Efficacy of infrastructure projects
  • Financiers: Infrastructure financing



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