Enerdata is an independent Research & Consulting firm with over 30 years of experience specialising in the global energy and carbon markets. The company was founded in 1991 and its managers have over 30 years of experience in economic issues related to energy. Enerdata has developed a full suite of information services including advanced forecast models & comprehensive quantitative databases, market reports and business intelligence tools used by over 120 clients in 40 countries.

Enerdata's experts also provide tailored solutions through training sessions & consulting services covering energy modelling, energy & climate change policy, markets & prices and risk management. Enerdata is a World Energy Council affiliate.

Our clients include: government accounts (Ministries of energy, European energy agencies, European Commission, etc.), international associations (AIEE, Assoelettrica, EEA, etc.), utilities (ENEL, RWE, EDF, etc.), oil & gas companies (ENI, Repsol, Total, GDF-Suez, Gazprom, etc.), equipment manufacturers (Ansaldo, Vallourec, Asltom Power, Siemens, etc.), consulting firms, banks and also numerous research centres and universities.

About our services

Global Energy & CO2 Data

For more than 25 years Enerdata has been compiling over 200 specialised information sources worldwide from the energy sector on supply, demand, prices, balance, indicators and CO2 emissions for all key energy sources. Our energy experts verify all data with a tested statistical methodology to provide an extensive, reliable and up-to-date global energy market database via an intuitive online interface.

Global Energy Market Research

A collection of 111 recently updated country reports on the local energy market. Each report includes the market dynamics, regulatory bodies, actors' presence and an overview of supply, demand, prices & taxes for the country in question. It also includes a vision on the issues and opportunities available. In addition, the service offers a newsletter with all the latest local energy news.

EnerFuture Forecast

Annual forecastsuntil 2030 on energy demand, end-user prices and CO2 emissions displayed by energy source and sector as well as power generation forecasts by fuel source. Energy forecasts are based on the globally recognised POLES model. Our service includes 4 scenarios covering 65 countries with historic data from 2000. Our forecast methodology and detailed scenario descriptions are also included.

European Utilities Watch

Our business intelligence tool provides a comprehensive view of power and gas operations of major energy utilities in Europe. A detailed analysis is given of 16 major players and their operations along the value chain.


ODYSSEE is a detailed database on energy efficiency data & indicators for the 27 EU members plus Norway and Croatia. The database includes detailed indicators by sector for every year from 1980 until 2009 for the 27 EU members plus Croatia and Norway.

Power Plant Tracker

Power Plant Tracker is a new research service from Enerdata to screen, monitor and analyse the development of power generation assets. With Power Plant Tracker, access to a powerful competitive intelligence tool to understand the future power generationmix, assess the drivers of the power generation industry and identify companies' asset portfolio.

ENERDATA Online Information services matrix

Energy & emissions data Global Energy & CO2 Market Data Historical data for 184 countries covering supply, demand, prices, balances and indicators for oil, gas, power, coal and renewable energy by sector. CO2, N2O, CH4 emissions data included. Monthly
Energy Forecast EnerFuture Forecast Forecasts up to 2030 for demand, prices, CO2 emissions & power generation. Oil, gas, power, coal, renewable energy projections by sector for 60 countries and worldwide. Yearly (revisions throughout the year)
Market Research Global Energy Market Research 111 country reports
Latest market News
Actors Research European Utilities Watch Business intelligence for 16 european utilities Continuous
Energy Efficiency Odyssee 27 EU members plus Norway and Croatia. Energy data & indicators given by sector & end use. Bi-annual
Power Plant Power Plant Tracker Screen, monitor and analyse the development of power generation assets. Daily

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