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Fitch Solutions’ Infrastructure Key Project Database is a highly valuable analytical tool. It compiles data from a comprehensive list of national and international open sources and renders the information in an accessible, standardised and searchable format. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Identify key project developments at a regional, country or sector level
  • Generate projections using project Value, Capacity/Size and Timeframe information
  • Benchmark forecasts against project activity and project completion rates
  • Plot the project pipeline and pinpoint bottlenecks in the project lifecycle using Status information
  • Gauge capital investment and investment volumes by country, sector and stage of development
  • Conduct competitor and competitive landscape analysis based company information, nationality and role.



EV Forecast Brochure

Global EV sales are set to soar, with major car markets already announcing long-term banson sales of petrol and diesel models. Access to reliable and comprehensive intelligence on the fastest growing segment of the autos industry is now paramount for manufacturers, suppliers, utilities and infrastructure providers as they implement their strategies for success.


Credit Rating Data

Calculate credit risk exposure, develop and monitor investments, as well as support regulatory and performance attribution reporting. Feed your credit risk models with forward-looking, through the cycle ratings data on nearly 20,000 publicly rated entities and transactions worldwide.

Over 100 fields of data available, including market standard identifiers, four levels of market sector indexing and over 10 rating types, plus 20 years of historical data across the entire Fitch rated universe.

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Ratings ESG Relevance Scores Data

An entity, transaction or program has associated ESG risk issues isn’t enough. You need to know whether those issues will actually impact the rating. Fitch Ratings ESG Relevance Scores give you a transparent and easily comprehensible view of which issues are material and relevant to your credit assessment.

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Ratings Credit Research

Get clear and consistent insight from our timely research and deep analytical approach that helps you make more informed decisions for your credit market activity.

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Bank Fundamental Financial Data

The world’s most comprehensive bank financial data set
Fitch Solutions Bank Fundamental Financial Data provides accurate and timely financials on tens of thousands of institutions globally.

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Basel III Standardised Credit Risk Assessment

From 1st Jan 2023 banks will need to follow the new Standardised Credit Risk Assessment (SCRA) to calculate the risk weights for unrated bank exposures, as well as bank exposures in countries that do not allow the use of external credit ratings.

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Bank Scorecard

The Bank Scorecard enables credit risk analysts to generate consistent standalone credit scores that reflect the fundamental creditworthiness of all banks in their portfolio - whether they are rated or unrated.

Aligned to the Fitch Ratings Bank Rating framework and calibrated on Fitch Ratings Viability Rating criteria, this expert judgment tool incorporates Fitch Solutions data, delivered via Fitch Connect Excel Add-In.

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