India Start-ups and Investor Intelligence from YNOS 

YNOS Venture Engine_LOgoThe India Start-ups and Investor Intelligence platform from YNOS is India’s first as well as the largest entrepreneur-centric technology platform for transforming and creating efficiencies in the start-up and innovation ecosystem. The platform addresses some of the major challenges faced by the start-up founders, investors, and other major stakeholders associated with the start-up ecosystem. YNOS is supported by the Centre for Research on Start-ups and Risk Financing, IIT Madras and is incubated by the IIT Madras Incubation cell.

The offerings of YNOS help early-stage entrepreneurs to identify potential investors, understand the start-up landscape, estimate the valuation of an early-stage venture, get access to funding and expertise, and many more. The ground-breaking approach developed by YNOS helps to leverage the power of technology and domain expertise to deliver customized insights and recommendations to early-stage entrepreneurs. The advanced ML and AI tools not only help to save valuable time and effort but also dramatically improve the chance of success.

Products & Services
Startups: The intelligent technology platform to scan the landscape and discover start-ups.
 Angels: Search for angel investors and get personalized recommendations for your start-up.
VCs: Scan and find the right VC and seed funds for your start-up.
Incubators: A global first. Compare and identify the right incubator and accelerator for your start-up.
Insight: Competitive and business intelligence for your start-up. Make informed strategic decisions.
Verve: Data science & analytical tools to estimate the value of your venture. Anchor your investor discussions with confidence.
IP Engine: The one-stop-shop for all IP
Delphi: Technology Consulting and Advice for Start-ups from Top Notch Science and Technology Experts
Consult: Business consulting services and expert guidance for fundraising
Clarity: High impact programs on fundraising for your venture. Get key insights from the leaders. 







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