InterregsInterRegs are the premier suppliers of global vehicle safety and emissions regulations. If you are an OEM, an automotive component manufacturer or a supplier to the vehicle manufacturing industry, you don’t have to struggle to search for up-to-date vehicle regulations – InterRegs does all that for you.All the documents are translated into English and are constantly kept updated.

InterRegs.NET, an online updating service, helps the automotive industry keep up with ever changing regulations in an easily accessible and cost-effective way. They provide an online library of automotive regulations for sixty countries and subjects, all held in an extensive database of over 8,000 regulatory documents (totalling nearly half a million pages). This includes regulatory information on vehicle emissions, vehicle noise, occupant protection, pedestrian protection, type approval/certification and more. There are also off-highway construction equipment regulations and non-road engine emission regulations available.

In an average year approximately 30% of the regulatory information provided changes due to government amendments, proposals or new issues - of all these changes are tracked for you, allowing you to use your technical, engineering resources more efficiently and effectively during your product development cycle.

InterRegs’ regulations services are used by vehicle homologation engineers, vehicle certification and vehicle type-approval departments worldwide. Whether you require passenger car regulations, bus regulations, motorcycle regulations, truck regulations or off-highway regulations, for vehicle design, engineering, testing, type approval or R&D departments, a subscription to InterRegs can help you save time and money and give you peace of mind.

InterReg's Services

Non-Road Engine Emissions Regulations

The Non-Road Engine Emissions Regulation covers regulations and proposals on the control of gaseous and particulate emissions from new and in-use spark-ignition and compression-ignition engines, covering USA, California, European Union (EC) and UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). Includes USA and USA Reference Documents (40 CFR), California Emission Control (CCR13).

These non-road engine emissions regulations apply to different types of non-road engines including those manufactured for use in construction equipment, mobile and portable machinery, generators, marine engines, garden machinery, recreational vehicles and locomotives.

Off-Highway Construction Equipment Regulations

The Off-Highway Construction Equipment Regulations covers International and European standards for the manufacture of mobile construction or off-highway construction equipment. It includes essential European Union (EC) Health and Safety requirements for compliance with the Machinery Directive (CE Marking), plus their supporting documents; over 300 standards are included, which represents outstanding extra value.

These off-highway construction equipment regulations apply to all types of mobile machinery including earth-moving machines, materials handling machines, industrial trucks, forklift trucks, agricultural tractors, forestry tractors.

Global Automotive Regulations

InterRegs' Global Automotive Regulations covers global, vehicle construction and use regulations for 50 markets and 15 vehicle subjects, helping OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers worldwide to comply with regulatory requirements in the markets they're exporting to. We are continually researching and adding new territories. The vehicle regulations we publish apply to all types of vehicle such as passenger cars, coach and bus, trucks, vans, motorcycles, trailers.

Our extensive global coverage includes European Union (EC Directives), United Nations' Economic Commission for Europe (ECE Regulations), Global Technical Regulations (GTRs), US Federal (FMVSS), Canada (CMVSS), China National Standards Guóbiao (GB), Mercosur, Indian Automotive Standards (AIS), Emissions (including California Emission Control CCR 13), Occupant Protection, Pedestrian Protection, Type Approval and Certification, Lighting, Braking and more.

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