TradeAtlas is a Trade Intelligence platform, offering company-level international trade data based on official customs records. We offer the greatest coverage in the industry: direct customs data from more than 40 countries and bill of lading documents from greatest trade routes.

TradeAtlas database contains international transactions of 22 million importers, importing from 27 million exporters, and 2,5+ billion lines of transactions including importer and exporter names, HS codes and product definitions, prices and quantities, ports and notify parties etc.

Searching on the database

We offer the most developed search engine to investigate the database, which includes:

  • Single-variable searches; such as “importers of HS:080810 – Apples in Mexico in 2022” or “customers of Huawei China in India during the last 6 months”
  • Multi-variable searches; such as “importers of XBOX in Angola under HS:950450, exported by Chinese Maintek company in 2020”
  • Google-like searches; such as “Customers Mercedes in African continent, which is not Mercedes’ own offices (include Mercedes as exporter, exclude Mercedes as importer)”


This data is used by:

  • Exporters to find importers who are already importing the same product from their competitors.
  • Importers to find suppliers from all over the world, analyze pricing and specification of the products shipped.
  • Logistics and customs clearance companies to promote their services for traders, where they can analyze companies, products, cargo details and ports.
  • Chambers, export promotion organizations, trade missions, SME development authorities, ministries to analyze international trade, and generate reports accordingly.
  • B2B companies, exhibition organizers, trade delegation consultants to find companies depending on the industry of the organization.
  • Supply chain analysts, consultants, and resilience companies to support their customers with insights from the industries.

Use Cases

Some market research examples are as follows:

  • Ethiopia is one of the greatest countries for coffee production, but Germans are generating more income from Ethiopian coffee then Ethiopians. Greatest exporters in Ethiopia like MIDROC, BAGERSH, IBRAHIM HUSSEIN are exporting coffee beans to German D*****Y for 5,5-6 $/kg, while D*****Y, after processing it, exports Ethiopian Crown Coffee to Americas for 20+ $/kg
  • USA once banned Chinese cotton due to conflict in Xinjiang Region. But this would have a limited effect, as some companies were using some other stops to ship Chinese cotton to USA. For ex, a Chinese company, B****R TEXTILE, was exporting cotton to TCE VINA DENIM Vietnam, and this company was exporting the same product (with same HS code) to DONNA KARAN NEW YORK.
  • Gambia is well-known for cashew production, but they cannot process kernels locally. COMAFRIQUE, one of the greatest exporters in Gambia, is exporting the kernels to S*** ****S CASHEW India, who, after processing it, exports the same to Europe for 600-800 $/ton, while cashew kernels are sold for 100-120 $/ton only.


Please download the presentation to better understand how TradeAtlas operates.

Sample Data

Please download the sample file, demonstrating HS:080810 – Fresh apple shipments for the first 2 weeks of 2022, among 10s of countries and companies.




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